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5 Ways To Promote Veganism Without Looking Like A Jerk

For vegans there is nothing more personal than their passion for the animals. This means veganism is more than just eating a vegan diet and not wearing wool. It is so much more than that. Vegans are passionate and they want to share their love and compassion with the world.

The problem is that vegans have a reputation for coming across too “preachy” and let’s be honest, sometimes we are. Just like you may find a well meaning and passionate pastor in a church in the south scaring his congregation about going to hell, an extreme message can also work for veganism. But…

Unfortunately the extreme, boisterous, in your face, brand of veganism turns more people off than it helps. Nobody likes to be preached at. No one likes it when someone else is condescending. If anything will make you stop listening to what a vegan is saying, it’s that.

The good news is that you can spread the message of veganism in a way that compels people to take notice. As in all things in life, the best way to get someone interested in your method or message is to be an example. You should represent something they aspire to be.

With all of that being said, here are some smart, simple, and effective ways to get people interested in veganism. Imagine how much easier and effective it will be to speak to someone about veganism when they come up and ask you about it. That is when they are most receptive. And that’s what these tips hope to achieve.

Feed Them Delicious Vegan Food


Vegan Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe

The absolute easist way to get someone asking questions about veganism is to feed them. When you serve up a delicious recipe to your omnivore friends and it blows their mind, they will ask questions. I like to make things that I know they already love but not mention it’s vegan before the meal.

After the mea, when the compliments start coming in I’ll say something like, “Can you believe that recipe is vegan?” This almost always leads to questions from everyone. Here are some examples.

What do you mean it’s vegan?

How did you make it without any “____” (insert milk, cheese, meat etc here)

Is it healthier for me than what I usually eat? Why?

Can I have the recipe?

Where can I see more vegan recipes that are as delicious as this one?

Make sure you are ready to answer their questions when they come. This one simple step alone gets more people interested in veganism than anything else.

When I went vegan I only cared about the diet. Then, the more you get into the more you learn about compassion for the animals. It just happens naturally. And it’s more genuine and long lasting when it happens that way.

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