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5 Ways To Promote Veganism Without Looking Like A Jerk

 So you want to spread your love and compassion for animals with everyone. You want to tell them the health and environmental benefits of eating a vegan diet. You want to share your passion! There is a right way and a wrong way.

In this article we are exploring what I have found to be the best ways of attracting people to the message of veganism.

I have been authoritarian, condescending, preachy, and everything else. But those methods don’t really work, no matter how passionate you are. Let’s continue with the list.

Show That Vegans Look Amazing

Nutrition Vegan Diet

 Now I know someone will take this the wrong way. I’m not advocating a certain body size or weight. And I know if you are new to the vegan lifestyle you may still be overweight and not look or feel your best yet. And then there are junk food vegans who look as bad as the omnivores.

Think about it. If you look as bad as your fat, unhealthy, omnivore Uncle Joe, why is he going to listen to anything you say? I believe in trying to stay healthy and strong. Always dress neatly. Don’t look like a slob. Get plenty of rest and show that vegans are strong with plenty of energy.

If you look and feel like someone else wants to look and feel, they will ask you how you do it. Guaranteed. You can attract more people to veganism by being what they hope and aspire to be.

Sure, they won’t be coming over for the animals to begin with. But as we discussed earlier, most vegans embrace the ethical side of the movement even when they only started to lose weight.

Always Be Kind And Respectful

vegan tshirt compassion eat them

Just because you know the hurt and torture that animals endure so people can eat meat doesn’t mean they do. It’s so easy to get upset, yell, or even be rude because we feel justified. I mean, animals are being brutally tortured and killed. Doesn’t that give me the right to get rude when needed?

You can either look at this one of two ways. Are you justified in your anger? Are you justified in getting loud or rude? In many cases you may be. But will acting that way win someone over? Absolutely not. In their mind they will see you as a crazy psychopath that is part of a cult.

I have seen this a million times since I went vegan. Those vegans that can be calm and polite and respectful always win more people over. Just because someone is wrong and being rude to you doesn’t mean you have to be rude back.

What is more important to you? Winning someone over to veganism and saving more animals, or feeling justified for acting rude when provoked? The thing is, you may never win the person that is provoking you. But there may be a bystander that sees how you handle yourself and you may get them to pay attention down the road.

My final two best tips for spreading the vegan message are on the next page. Just click the next page arrow below and find out what they are so you can start getting more people to embrace the vegan movement and save more animals!

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