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5 Ways To Promote Veganism Without Looking Like A Jerk

Here are the last two tips I have for getting people to listen to your vegan message. As with all of these tips, remember you won’t get someone to switch just from talking to them one time. These things take time. Just keep the course.

There is always a process to getting someone to adopt something new. Interest, investigation, being convinced, taking action. These things happen in stages. The longer you are a shining light of truth, the more likely you are the break through all those years of omnivore brainwashing.

Don’t Just Be “That Vegan”

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If people start seeing you as ‘that vegan’ then you will always be marginalized. They will view you as part of some cult. They will just think you are weird and not normal. I have seen it a million times with people who don’t talk about anything other than veganism.

Do you only wear vegan t-shirts? That’s not normal. Normal people do wear shirts about their passions, but they have more than one passion. Wear t-shirts of your favorite artist, sports team, or hero. Don’t always look like “that vegan.” No one wants to be like that and they will stay far away.

Care About People, Not Just Animals

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Are you as passionate about the homeless as you are the animals? Maybe it’s childhood cancer or diabetes. You are probably passionate about many things in your community. It’s very important that you allocate some of your activism to these causes too. Why?

First, it shows you are a real caring person that cares about people, not just animals. I can’t tell you how many vegans I have met that seemed like they actually hated humans and only loved animals. Whatever you do, don’t become that vegan. Please.

When you participate in other causes you will be meeting other passionate people. These are the exact kind of people that are more easily won over to a righteous cause. These are the kind of people who are more likely to listen honestly to your vegan message than anyone.

Look, there isn’t any magic formula for spreading the vegan message. These are just some ideas I have found to be true during my journey. Use them as a starting point and incorporate your own methods too. Be attentive to how people are perceiving you and make sure they are in a positive way. And if you have any great ideas, please share them in the comments below!

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