5 Weird Things I Do Now That I’m Vegan

I don’t want the title to be misleading. I don’t think I’m a weirdo sociopath. I just do different things as a vegan.  I’m in a much better place physically, mentally and spiritually now that I am vegan. But Looking back on what my life was like two years ago compared to now I can see some interesting differences.

I am not talking about the general differences in my diet. Of course as a vegan I am now eating animal free meals. This means all of my recipes are vegan and my life is full of fruits and vegetables. This is a change we would expect to happen, so no surprise there.

I’m also not talking about how much more compassionate I am towards every living creature now. Because that certainly is true. When you learn why compassion for a baby chick on a farm in Iowa is important then you also begin to appreciate all life. The fragile nature of life on this planet is so finite. I think learning to understand that is profound and it leads you to make better decisions in all areas of your life.

I’m not going to share any of those things with you. I want to share the remarkable, unlikely and nearly bizarre changes in my life. Things that if I were asked two years ago would ever happened I would have probably laughed.

Now some of these may not seem very bizarre to you. Others may blow your mind. I have a feeling everyone reading this will relate to number three. The 5 things I do now that I’m vegan are on my own personal experiences but I bet many readers will be able to relate to them.


1. Live Without A Microwave

I used to cook 80% of my meals at home in the microwave. And all of my left overs were reheated in a microwave. Now I don’t even own a microwave! I now eat a lot of raw vegan food, steamed food and boiled foods.

A microwave isn’t ideal for any of those. If I am warming up leftovers I prefer to warm them slowly on the stove. The flavors are just better that way. And now that I have that huge open space in my kitchen it has become a fruit and vegetable slicing station with a beautiful cutting board and cutlery stand.

Did you look at the poll results to see how many other vegans answered the same way you did? You may be surprised just how much you have in common with your fellow vegans.


2. Eat Strange Foods

Let me first say that once you have been vegan for a while these foods are not strange at all. But I still remember the reaction of my boyfriend the first time I told him I was eating Quinoa.

Things like tempeh, quinoa, hemp seeds, spelt, tamari, miso, kale and tofu are things I have basically never heard of before I went vegan. But even beyond those strange sounding foods, my variety is wide open.

Meat eaters basically eat the same 5 things every week. As a vegan I am constantly trying new things and flavors. I love it! And this is very similar to number THREE below.


3. Freezer Full Of Odd Fruits and Twigs

I keep all kinds of ‘odds and ends’ in my freezer now. Stems from greens, strawberry tops, pineapple core, various seeds and other things. If course it is also full of fruits.

I love making smoothies and you can chunk almost anything into a smoothie. I’m shocked to see people tossing their pineapple core away. I can just see it being pulverized in my Vitamix as part of a delicious smoothie!

I know I can’t be the only one who has all kinds of weird odds and ends stuffed away in their freezer right? Answer the poll above and then check out the results. Are you in the majority or the minority?

I bet nearly EVERY vegan will agree with number FOUR on the next page below.


4. Cook From Scratch

I used to eat 75% of my meals at restaurants before I went vegan. And everything I cooked at home came from a package. I shudder when I think about all of the toxins and chemicals I was eating then.

Now I love making everything from the most simple and basic ingredients possible. From nut butters to pizza dough. My most prized possessions are my slow cooker and dehydrators. Food taste so much better when you cook it at home from whole fresh ingredients.


5. Spend More Time Outside

I was an air conditioning junkie before I went vegan. Now I have so much energy and passion I just want to be outside. I love the sun, the wind and the rain. I love exploring and moving. I feel like as long as I am moving I am living! It has been very liberating for me.

If you have enjoyed this list, agreed with most of it or been surprised by it, hit that share button. The more vegans that participate in the polls on each page, the more fun and informative this thing will be.

And if we left something off the list that you do please comment on the article and let us know. We may add it to the list. Or we may just chuckle and agree with you. (Photo: Alba Soler)

9 thoughts on “5 Weird Things I Do Now That I’m Vegan”

  1. lol I don’t have a microwave either, never have. My parents had one when I was growing up and I used it a couple times and it turned food into hard bricks, later they had to modify things (dinners etc) for the microwave in order for them to come out good. So I figured what do they have to add to make it edible? Since then I don’t even use it to reheat things. My kids don’t get it.

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