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6 Amazing Vegan Greek Recipes

The Greek culture is responsible for some of the best food recipes in the world! These 6 Greek Recipes happen to be vegan and they are amazing! If you have been looking for some great vegan Greek recipes then you will be happy you found this post. Bookmark it for later!

When you think of Greek food you instantly think of things like Pitas, hummus, veggies, and olives. Of course hummus and veggies are staples of the vegan diet. Not all Greek recipes are vegan but a lot of them are. And there are many more you can make vegan with just a few small adjustments. Whether it be full flavored, rich hummus, incredible Greek dips and salads, or something like a traditional Greek Meatballs and sauce recipe. Many are vegan. Others can be altered to make them vegan friendly!

We have assembled 6 awesome Vegan Greek Recipes for you and they start below, and continue on the next page.

#1 Creamy Green Greek Hummus

Greek Hummus

You have never had hummus this rich and creamy before. With a secret tip that makes it come out perfectly smooth and creamy every time you will never buy hummus from the store ever again! Credit to Cookie and Cate, you can get the recipe by clicking here.


#2 Vegan Spanakorizo, or Greek Spinach Rice

Vegan Spanakorizo

This is a 100% authentic Greek recipe. Nothing but delicious whole foods are used and it is amazing. It is presented with original ingredients and some of them may be hard to find depending on where you live. But there are alternatives given so no matter what you will be able to make this incredible vegan rice. Credit to Leelalicious, you can get the recipe by clicking here.

Four more great Vegan Greek Recipes continued on the next page below!

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