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6 Amazing Vegan Health Benefits

Other health benefits of being a vegan are the reduction of experiencing migraines and allergies. Diabetics also have lower chances of developing diverticular disease which is the development of bulging pouches in the digestive tract and is very common in the United States with more than 3 million cases every year. Gallstones and gout development are also lessened when an individual is vegan.

Also, since a vegan eats food which are fresh and contain little to no toxins, their kidneys and other filtering mechanisms in the body are in a much healthier state than non-vegans. This means that vegans tend to have lowered risk in having kidney-related diseases. Combining all of these positive outcomes together leads to an over-all high sense of subjective well-being.


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In psychology, subjective well-being is the quality of lives experienced by people. After reading the previous sections, it is without unreasonable doubt that the pros of being a vegan outweighs the initial struggle that an omnivore faces during the transition. As vegans might live happier lives because they have control over their lives through making the choice to be healthy and in turn be free of worries such as developing disease that can shorten one’s life. Also, vegans are able to help the earth in becoming sustainable which also promotes self-satisfaction and in-turn, promote a higher sense of well-being.

Source: Nursing Degree Medscape

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