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6 Apps Every Vegan Must Have

Why do you need these vegan smartphone apps? I can’t imagine how much harder it must have been to be vegan 25 years ago. If you wanted vegan food you pretty much only ate fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. I do know with all of the choices out there today it can be hard to know if something is really vegan or not.

We also have issues like GMO and whether something is organic or not to deal with. I think most vegans try to eat as clean as they can. Having something to help you navigate the millions of products and hundreds of companies out there is a great help. Is the company selling the product you want to buy really cruelty free? Is the new vegan burger you want to try really organic? Does a company really stand by it’s GMO free pledge?

I am only recommending apps that I actually have on my phone and I actually use. There are a million apps out there and I have tried a lot of them. Some I only kept on my phone for 5 minutes. Others lasted a week or two. But the apps I am recommending to you here are apps that I have kept ever since the day I downloaded them and I actually use them.

I am not affiliated with any of these companies. I do not get any kind of kickback for recommending them. These are vegan apps or vegan food related apps that I actually use and love! If you have any that you use please comment and share!

happy cow app

1. Happy Cow Eating Guide

If you are trying to find a vegan restaurant or vegan store in your area it can be difficult. That is where happy cow comes to the rescue. Get a listing of all vegan restaurants and stores in your area, directions via GPS and reviews. It has user reviews as well, and enough of them to be helpful. There is an option to look at ‘Vegetarian Choices’ also, which is useful if you are somewhere that has no vegan or vegetarian restaurant but you want a place that has enough options on their regular menu.

I’ve seen this app grow and grow in popularity, and for good reason.


is it vegan app

2. Is It Vegan?

With all of the crazy names companies use for ingredients it can be hard to tell if a product is actually vegan or not. It gets really tricky when companies use something that the FDA considers a “process” rather than an ingredient. Those don’t have to be listed at all. This app is great for finding out if you are buying vegan food or not. You just scan the bar code and it let’s you know if the item is vegan, vegetarian or not.


bunny free app

3. Bunny Free App

Have you ever wondered about the companies that make the food, clothing items, makeup or other things you use? This app is made by PETA and it will let you know if a company uses cruelty free business practices or not. Great for all of the other things besides food.


fooducate app

4. Fooducate

Learn more than just if a product is vegan or not. This app will help you make better food choices when deciding on what vegan food to buy. All products are graded from A down to D based on product’s nutrition facts panel and ingredient list. Minimally processed, real foods with intrinsic nutrients will score better than processed foods that are poor in built-in nutrients. And of course Vegan foods will score the best!


barnivore app

5. Barnivore

Hold that cocktail! Let’s check and make sure that is a vegan drink before you enjoy it!

Do you know that a ton of alcoholic beverages are not vegan? When making the product, dairy, honey, and other things are ingredients in the final recipe.When filtering the drinks prior to bottling, companies can use things like isinglass (from fish bladder,) gelatin, egg whites, and sea shells, among other things. This app lets you know if your drink is vegan. It can be pretty depressing when you realize a drink you have been enjoying for years enjoyed is not vegan, but like everything else it just means you need to search harder before finding your perfect ‘poison’.

21 day vegan kickstart app

6. 21 Day Vegan Kickstart

For new vegans who need a helping hand. Get meal plans and recipes with the shopping list right on your phone. You will know what to buy and eat every week. Plus support for your questions and more. This app had not been updated in so long and I found the information no where near as up to date as their website, so I have not used this in a while. I am including it though as some people new to veganism would find their information useful to have on hand in an app.

If there are any I’m missing, let me know in the comments!

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