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6 Foods You Should Never Buy Again

Sometimes when we go vegan we buy foods we think are healthy for us. Here are 6 Vegan Foods You Should Never Buy Again! Some of these you may know but I think you will be surprised by some as well.

In our quest to be healthy, we always look for food that can give us the necessary nutritional value. At the same time, we avoid food that do harm not only to ourselves but also to our environment. We are individuals who promote not only healthy living but also sustainable living.

Being sustainable means the next generation can still be able to have the food and natural resources of today during their lifetime. As their future ancestors, this is our duty. However, there is a dark side to being healthy. This happens when corporations fool us with misleading labels and other questionable practices.

It’s our job as consumers to know what we are eating and take care of our health and our bodies. We think being vegan is enough, but depending on what vegan food you are buying it may not be that simple. All vegan diets are not the same. They range from only raw whole foods to highly processed foods, and everything in between. After reading this article, I hope that you will never buy again these six kinds of food because these food are wolves in sheep’s clothing: they are not what they claim to be.

The first on the list is blueberry infused grocery food. Blueberry has undeniably become a staple in breakfast tables as well as in easy to munch on snacks.

I’m not saying that blueberry in itself is bad but rather there are labels that says that this particular packaging has blueberries in it when in fact there is none! The front label can be very misleading which is why it is better to check the back label particularly the ingredients. This is always the best thing to do.

Those food that claim to have blueberries in them are only mimicking the taste through chemical compounds which might have adverse effects in the long run. Why would we want to eat some chemical representation of blueberries when the real thing taste so much better?

If you are craving for blueberry infused food, better buy your own blueberries and make your own food. It might take longer but it will surely taste better because you are crafting the food according to your taste. At the same time, you are refining your culinary skills.

blueberry infused jam

Of course if you aren’t the best at making things like canned jellies and other products like this you can usually find someone locally who does. In our town there are several people at my local farmers market who make the best!

The next on the list will probably shock you because it is found in every health-conscious household.

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  1. Too many ads. To easy to click them while suffering through the information spread out over pages. Takes forever just to get to recipes. I enjoyed this page. Not anymore. “Unlike”

  2. I don’t understand why it is bad to buy tomato-based pasta sauce. Some people don’t have the time or means to make pasta sauce, and if you read the ingredient label on a jar, you’re probably fine. During the summer my dad loves making homemade sauce but I live on campus during the school year and seriously do not have the time to make homemade sauce. I would LOVE to but it is so much easier to buy a bunch of cans and use them over time rather than buying a bunch of tomatoes and HAVING to use them before they go bad, and only making so much sauce at once. It just doesn’t make sense for me.

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