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6 Incredible Tofu Recipes + 1 Bonus Tofu Recipe!

Embrace the miracle of tofu and you will be a happy vegan! These 6 vegan tofu recipes should be in your book of favorites.

I learned early on as a vegan that tofu was the key to controlling certain cravings. Most of those cravings are generally meat related and I don’t really have them anymore. But I did when I first went to a vegan diet. Now that I look back I realize I should have just embraced tofu on it’s own merits from the very beginning. It really is a remarkable food when you cook it right.

These 6 tofu recipes have something for everyone. From the simple but delicious salt and pepper tofu, to the rich savory BBQ tofu, I promise you will love all of these. You can get all of these tofu recipes starting on the next page below.

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