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6 MORE Things You Thought Were Vegan But Aren’t!

Last year we wrong one of our most popular articles ever “13 Things You Thought Were Vegan But Aren’t.” It has been read over 45 million times. So we decided to do some research this year and see if we could add anything to that list. Guess what? We found 6 more things that aren’t vegan!

If you didn’t read the original article I recommend you start there. We have received so many messsages from vegans who read it and were shocked my one or more items on the list. You can read that original article by clicking here. It opens in a new tab so don’t worry, you will still have this page to come back too.

6 Things You Thought Were Vegan But Aren’t



I know you are asking yourself how can wine and sugar not be vegan right? Well in many cases it isn’t so it’s good to do your homework. What kinds of animal products are often used in the wine making process? How about blood, bone marrow, casein, chitin, egg albumen, fish oil, gelatin, and fish bladder membranes. Yuck. No, I would not like to toast to that.

There are a lot of ways to research your favorite wine which include calling the company or searching their website. One of the easiest ways is to use the Barnivore website. They also have an app here. It’s a quick and easy way to search your favorite alcohol products to make sure you are getting vegan wine.



How can a simple dip or garnish made from avocado not be vegan? If you know how to make guacamole then your mind is probably blown right now because it’s hard to fathom how you could possible begin to make it and it not be vegan.

Well some companies will do anything to make a product that stands out from everyone else. Some of these commercial guacamole products have cream in them. Yes, cream from dairy. Sure, it makes it a lot richer and creamier, but why? Make sure you check those labels or just make it yourself!

All you need is some smashed up avocado, diced tomatoes, some onion and cilantro, lime juice and salt. Mix it all up and enjoy! You can customize it to your preference so it’s perfect for you. I don’t like onion in mine so I always leave it out. Do whatever you want. Just don’t add any cream!

Chewing Gum


I will admit I’m not a chewing gum fan. If I’m going to be chewing I want it to be because there is delicious food in my mouth. Some people love it though including vegans. Did you know your chewing gum may not be vegan at all? It’s true.

Most chewing gums list “gum base” as an ingredient. For some products that means nothing really, it’s perfectly vegan. But other gum companies use things like lanolin and stearic acid among other ingredients. If you have a favorite gum with just ‘gum base’ as an ingredient you should call the company. If your a Wrigley chewing gum fanatic I will save you the trouble and let you know it is vegan. Enjoy!

Three more things you thought were vegan but aren’t continue on the next page below and we saved the best and most mind blowing things for last. You will be screaming “Seriously?!?!?!” at your screen. We did too. Find out what they are on the next page below.

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