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6 MORE Things You Thought Were Vegan But Aren’t!

If you were surprised by any of the things on the first page that you thought were vegan but aren’t then you may find more surprises here. We have 3 more things you thought were vegan but aren’t. If you add this to our original article “13 Things You Thought Were Vegan But Aren’t” that brings the total to 19 tricky foods to watch out for!

The following 3 foods all seem like they should just be vegan naturally. I mean, why do companies feel the need to add animal products to every single thing they make? Well they do and you have to look out carefully for some of these things you thought were vegan but aren’t.

6 Things You Thought Were Vegan But Aren’t

Pesto Sauce


If you were surprised to learn some guacamole isn’t vegan then you will probably be shocked again. Some Pesto isn’t vegan as well. This is crazy considering some pasta with a nice pesto is one of the most simple vegan foods there are.

Some companies are pushing boundaries and it’s just not vegan. Make sure to check those labels for things like milk and eggs that some companies are putting in their pesto. Or better yet, make your own! Here is a great pesto recipe.

Worcestershire And Soy Sauce


I decided to include both Worcestershire and Soy Sauce here since they are so similar and have the same problem. Sure they have a nice deep and salty flavor that they add to some of your favorite vegan meals. But some Worcestershire isn’t vegan. And some Soy Sauce isn’t vegan. Check that label for anchovies. That’s where they get that salty flavor from.

Tattoo Ink


This one is kind of tricky. I had never even considered what was in the ink they use to make tattoos. I mean, it’s ink, Surely tattoo ink is vegan right? Well it can be but you never know. Some of the inks that are used to make tattoos have things like bone char, glycerin, gelatin or shellac from beetles in it.

If you were thinking about getting a really awesome tattoo to share with the world that you are proud to be vegan, do some research. Call the tattoo place and ask about their inks. Make sure it’s vegan before you get tatted up!

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