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6 Vegan Sandwiches You Have To Eat To Believe

One of our most popular articles ever on this site is this one about 5 vegan sandwiches. That’s why I expect vegans everywhere to lose their good senses over these 6 vegan sandwiches I have put together for this article. They are inspired by Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese traditions and many more. So delicious and unique.

First on the list is a Mexican inspired vegan sandwich made with fried eggplant, refried beans and roasted chiles. We follow that up with another Mexican inspired vegan sandwich with refried beans and a base of crisp greens. That one is amazing.

Then there is the Vietnamese inspired sweet potato and avocado sandwich. It’s incredible. And if you like Italian food we also included a vegan sandwich based on braised broccoli, antipasti panini with olives. I could go on describing everyone one of these unique and delicious sandwiches but it would be easier to just show them to you.

All 6 of these vegan sandwiches with pics and instructions start on the next page.

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