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7 Fruits and Vegetables Perfect for Summer

Once spring ends, it will be Hello SUMMER!!! Depending from where you are, it can either be scorching or tolerable. It is important that our body should always be hydrated because it is made up of more than 60% water. If we reach a critical point of dehydration, it would be detrimental to our health. In a day, it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses but since this is summer that we are talking about, it’s for the best to drink around 4 liters of water. This is to make sure that the body remains hydrated all throughout the day.

However it doesn’t mean that you will chug down in one go that amount of water. There are other sources of water too. For example to fruits and vegetables contain amounts of water which will help in achieving this amount. Just  7 Fruits and Vegetables Perfect for Summer. These fruits and vegetables also have an added nutritional bonus. Whether you are a vegan or not, this is worth checking out.

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