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7 Fruits and Vegetables Perfect for Summer

Among the green leafy vegetables that I have encountered, I think that cabbage is one of the earliest that I have taken a liking to. My grandmother used to cook stir fry vegetables as a way to help my cousins eat vegetables when she was still with us. It was very effective because most of us liked eating the way she cooked the vegetable. Anyhow, among the ingredients that she puts is cabbage which is very prominent in contrast to the others. Also, with her soups, she includes cabbages.

In effect, I have learned to love cabbages. Cabbages are good sources of water aside from it being rich in antioxidants which are important for our immune system. It also has vitamin C which also bolsters and shields our body against common illnesses. When we eat cabbage during summer we are hitting two birds with one stone: getting the necessary amount of water and at the same time getting all its nutritional values. This generally applies to all the other vegetables in the upcoming pages.


Full of nutrition, flavor and water, cabbage is a great summer food. I don’t like it as much as I do the summer food on the next page though.

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