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7 Fruits and Vegetables Perfect for Summer

It is worth mentioning that watermelon is definitely a good source of water. Everyone loves it in the summer. So I went with fruits and vegetables that are less thought of as a summer time food. But I snuck it in the list just for you.


Moving on to the next in the list, it is lettuce. You can laugh at me but as a child, when I helped my mother with buying groceries, I would get confused between a lettuce and cabbage. I depended on labels to distinguish one from the other. For everybody’s information, I am already able to tell the difference between the two.

Lettuce is another good source of water. It might be getting redundant mentioning this sentence over and over again but it may not be readily obvious that vegetables can actually be sources of water. As is with the other examples, lettuce has vitamin B complex, folic acid and manganese. These are essential in maintaining the blood sugar levels and the immune system.



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