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7 Reasons Going Vegan Is Not Insane

I come from the South where killing animals for sport is their favorite past time. That and calling me Insane.

My journey to being vegan is a remarkable one when I think about it. One of the first gifts I can remember getting as a kid was a pellet gun. In the South it’s not uncommon for girls to get their first gun at a young age. You might also be surprised to know many of those same girls are killing animals before they are 13 years old. You can imagine how well I was received among my friends and family when I announced I was vegan. The word insane was used a lot.

The truth is that going vegan is one of the best decisions you can make. While there aren’t many studies out there on vegans, there is scientific evidence that vegetarians have a higher IQ on average than meat eaters. I am writing this article for two reasons today. The first is to encourage and confirm with vegans that they are not crazy and they are making a wise decision. My second reason for this article is to encourage and inform people who are thinking about going vegan but aren’t sure. You should do it, you can do it, and here are some great reasons why. Check them out on the next page.

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