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7 Reasons Why Vegans Live Longer  

It’s kind of ironic but I think vegans are like modern day vampires. Why? Vegans live longer than the average lifespan. And because of our vegan diet, our skin complexion appears more vibrant than the skin of meat eaters. Of course Vegans would never eat the blood of any animal so they could never be a vampire. But the evidence shows they do live longer. In fact the evidence is more than overwhelming.

You don’t have to take my word for it though. There is empirical evidence and mountains of research that backs up this claim. I’m talking about sources like the Centers for disease control, the Heart Association, the National Institute of Health and others.  On the following pages I will present a lot of that information to you in nice, easy to digest size nuggets. But I will also link to the sources so you can investigate further on your own if you like.

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In addition to facts, stats, studies and research I will also share my personal evidence. Of course it’s only anecdotal so I saved it for the very end. But it is very special to me personally so make sure you don’t miss it! Read more starting on the next page.

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