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7 Reasons Why Vegans Live Longer  

Number Six: My Grandfather

The previous numbers have been talking about how being a vegan prevents expression of certain illnesses thus lowers probability of dying early based on an article. For this number, as a personal testimony, I would like to share the story of my great-grandfather who lived until 94 years old.

100 year old vegan

He didn’t know what veganism was per se but he lived like one. He didn’t eat red meat or any animal-derived food. He lived a simple life in his farm and he just died of old age. One night, he was sleeping and he didn’t wake up the following day. He didn’t have any illnesses beforehand. He continued to plow the fields until his last breath. May his soul rest in peace.

Photo: Ecorazzi

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  1. Their time isn’t like ours at all. You have to consider environmental factors and vaccinations and GMO’s which were nonexistent at their time. WWII time changed a lot for the generations to come after. In today’s society, the true secret to longevity IS to be vegan. You have to wait about another 30 yrs or so to see these results. I’m almost 40 but because of my lifestyle I look like I’m barely 30. When my generation is 60 or older….we can see the results of veganism in our modern world.

  2. My health turn around completely when I turned vegan 1 year ago this month. Pre diabetes gone! Bp meds cut 3/4. Hopefully gone completely soon. It’s the only answer! By the way, I’m 58 years old. Never too old to turn it around.

  3. Really? 7 months ago, I met a 106 year old man who eats more meat than I do. Also, where’s this so called science to back this up? I read the whole article, and there is none. Just a short story of a 94 year old man and a bunch of random statistics with nothing to back them up. Also, there are far more people who eat meat and dairy products than there are vegans in the world. I want to see how those statistics were accurately calculated. And how can you be sure that it’s just diet that determines this? Are you sure exercise and sanitation don’t factor in?

  4. Seriously ppl before judging someone’s life style do the research! My husband and I went vegan over a year ago. Because of the research we did we learn that there is a higher percent rate of longevity and overall healthier life in vegans. Since going vegan I have lost over 80 lbs nearing 100 lb weight lost. My diabetes gone. I feel more energetic,happier,and healthier. There’s a lot that goes with the vegan diet. You also have to include exercising weekly. Of course you also gotta consider organics being the better options so that you don’t have all the gmos, preservatives and other chemicals that poison the food. We watched Forks over Knives and Engine to Kitchen on Netflix . great documentary on plant base dieting. It is what helped my husband and I get our vegan start. If you want to eat meat that is your choice,but don’t go judging others who choose to live a different life style.

  5. I don’t want to live to be 100. I’m worried I’ll be alive and alone when all my meat eating friends are dead! Can we all promise to meet up every twenty years or so to keep each other company??

  6. I read this and agree. If being a Vegan will help me live healthier and longer, then by loving Laura and God I will live to at least 101 healthy happy and vibrant. 🙂

  7. Great so you live 5 years longer and miss out on a world of fantastic food. Sorry I want to enjoy my short time on this planet and the only rule you need to live by to be healthy is “everything in moderation”.

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