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7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes You Will Love

How much do I love breakfast? I will eat it morning, noon and night if I get the chance. These 7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes are incredible and great options to liven up your breakfast rut! They range from fluffy pancakes to kale! So no matter what you are in the mood for, at least one of these vegan breakfast recipes will fit the bill.

I see so many vegans confused about breakfast. Most of them just drink a vegan smoothie or eat a vegan breakfast bar. There’s nothing wrong with that but they are missing out on so many amazing vegan breakfast options. With so much vegan food to choose from, don’t limit yourself! In fact I’d argue that you can make many more delicious and exciting breakfast meals as a vegan than you ever could as an omnivore. I mean, how many times can they eat bacon and still get excited about it? Seriously?

You can check out these 7 Vegan Breakfast Recipes on the next page below.

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