8 Food Additives That Could Kill You

When I became a Vegan, I became a label reader. To be one, is to be the other. There are many food additives that could kill you.

About 8 years ago I was just starting to think about getting healthy. I wasn’t anywhere near becoming vegan at that time. In fact I didn’t even know the word vegan existed. But I did want to get healthier. I remember watching some guest on the Oprah Winfrey show who had some simple advice. If you can’t read the words in the ingredient list then you probably shouldn’t be eating it.

I had never looked at an ingredient list before. But started that day. I checked what was in my bread, soup, soda, chips, snack and vegetables. I was the most avid ingredient reader there ever had been! Sadly what I discovered was I couldn’t really eat anything that came in a can or plastic container. If a company packaged it for sale, it was probably full of ingredient I couldn’t pronounce. That was my first step towards veganism. While I still ate meat then, I knew I had to buy things from the produce section if I didn’t want those disgusting ingredients in my food.

You need to know what the more common additives are and why you shouldn’t eat them. They could literally kill you. I have the top 8 on the next page.

9 thoughts on “8 Food Additives That Could Kill You”

  1. Jay Heuman via Facebook

    Yes, these food additives can be very dangerous when consumed in massive doses. But how much is actually in these foods?

    How about focus on what you do right: providing support for those interested in veganism?

  2. my thoughts on this are: why shouldn’t we avoid them? they aren’t necessary. A hundred years ago they didn’t have them and nobody died from lacking them. What about when you read the back of a can of something and it says the RDA is 15 mg, this drink you are looking at says 4mg, but if you read closer you find there are 3 servings in that can.Whats the chance that you will stay with the RDA recommendations knowing it’s in so much other stuff.And why is there a recommended daily allowance for ingredients we were never meant to eat? I don’t know about you but I am not comfortable with that.

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