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3 Famous Vegan Men You Didn’t Know Existed

Who knew there were so many sexy vegan men who are famous?

I was talking with someone on the facebook page today who didn’t know any other vegans. Living where I do I am the same way. Not many people here are vegan and in fact they eat meat with a passion that’s hard to describe. If you have ever felt alone you should know there are many others out there. Even famous people! Yep there are more famous sexy vegan men that you might imagine.

When I started looking for famous vegans I made the obvious choice to look for sexy men. Hey, it’s all in the name of research right? Who says research can’t accomplish two goals at the same time! But seriously, what I found was a lot of actors or musicians I loved that I never knew were vegan. Suddenly I didn’t feel like I was on a vegan island all by myself. Hey that sounds like a great reality show! Vegan Island: Where one vegan woman is stranded with sexy famous sexy vegan men. Someone call TLC!

I bet you will be surprised by at least one of these sexy vegan hunks. Check them out and see how many you knew were vegan on the next page.

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