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9 Healthy Vegan Cooking Hacks

Nobody wants to give up their favorite dishes when they go vegan. With these Vegan Cooking Hacks you can probably make them vegan and healthy!

It’s always funny when people say they could never go vegan because they don’t want to live on twigs and berries. The truth is that you can eat almost everything you used to eat except for meat. You just need to know a few vegan cooking hacks. With the right substitutions you can still enjoy your favorite casseroles, soups, cakes, pies and more! Some of the recipes you convert over to vegan will taste slightly different but still be good. You may find a few that taste worse. Your biggest surprise will be all of the vegan recipes you make that will actually taste better than the original!

Get 9 vegan cooking hacks on the next page that are healthy for you.

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