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9 Reasons To Skip The Turkey At Thanksgiving

Vegan Holiday Recipes for Thanksgiving

If you aren’t vegan or vegetarian and you accidentally stumbled across this article, welcome! I look forward to sharing some really compelling reasons why you should forego the turkey this holiday season! And if you are already vegan or vegetarian, please share this article on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and help me spread the word. We can save a lot of turkeys this year!

9 Reasons To Skip The Turkey At Thanksgiving

9. There are tons of super-delish alternative options.
Seriously you guys, this is 2014, and the turkey replacements get better every year. There’s Gardein’s Holiday Roast; Trader Joe’s Turkey-less Stuffed Roast; Field Roast’s Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute, Celebration Roast and Forager’s Roast; Tofurky’s Vegetarian Feast and loads of others. Not to mention, you could opt for a stuffed acorn squash, a veggie lasagna, a Veggieducken or just stuff yourself silly with all the delicious sides. So many choices!

President Obama Pardons One single turkey. That’s one who will live out of 45 million who will die

8. Adopting a turkey is way more satisfying than eating one.
Most of the sanctuaries have turkey adoption programs (including Florida’s Kindred Spirits and the famous Farm Sanctuary!). Just think, you could be the benefactor to a lucky bird, insuring they live a healthy, happy existence instead of winding up on someone’s plate. How amazing is that? Good karma for life.

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