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9 Vegan Christmas Recipes

Here are 9 Awesome Vegan Christmas Recipes.

There isn’t a more festive time of year than the month of December. In addition to Christmas you also have Hanukkah. Some cultures also have winter festivals and other holiday traditions. I’m not as familiar with many of the others beside Christmas but I did find a great Vegan Hanukkah Sufganiyot recipe you can see here. When so much of this year revolves around food and family it can be challenging for some Vegans.

I have put together some new holiday themed recipes that I will add to the ones I posted for Thanksgiving. Think of this as a master list for Vegan Christmas Recipes! It’s a great list to with everything from “Turkey”, to “Roast” to amazing side dishes and desserts. I’ve included what we used at our Thanksgiving feast this year. There were a ton of meat eaters there and they loved my vegan dishes.  You can get all of the Vegan Christmas Recipes on the next page!

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