10 Vegan Protein Bars

We set out to rank the 10 best vegan protein bars. I try to eat healthy, whole food as much as I can. And I don’t buy into the protein myth that everyone needs to be eating a ton of protein. Vegan food has more than enough protein. But for heavy stress days, days where I will be on the road a lot, or when I am in beast mode working out a lot I find that a high quality vegan protein bar is perfect for a high quality calorie boost.

It can be difficult to find a quick vegan protein-filled snack whether it be a basic protein bar or some other vegan option. Unfortunately, many of the protein bars currently available rely on whey proteins derived from cow’s milk. There are a few low calorie protein bars without soy and made from pea or rice proteins that are great for vegans. To honor all vegan athletes and fitness enthusiasts, we have compiled a list of 10 vegan protein bars that you must try.

probar meal protein bar

1. ProBar Meal. One of the more expensive vegan-friendly protein bars on our list, these non-GMO protein bars are made with high-quality ingredients and provide vegans with 8-11g of protein in each bar and a calorie count of 360-390.  I love the fact that they are organic. There are many flavors so check the ingredients on every flavor you like. My favorite is the peanut butter.

simply protein bar

2. Simply Protein Bar<. Certified vegan, preservative free and featuring simple recipes that contain a dozen or fewer ingredients. This bar features soy and pea based proteins, a low 140 calorie count but a dense 16g of protein. I will say this for all bars mentioned in this article. Check the ingredients for the flavor you are considering buying since they offer many.

My best “value priced’ vegan protein bars are on the next page below.

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Ana Stasia via Facebook says

Tatiana Gregory new gift ideas for me to you !

Gerald Rogers via Facebook says

Probar meals are the best! Take then on trips and after workouts

Shari Latham Harmon via Facebook says

Great list! Thanks so much for putting this together.

LouAnn Zenoff Melgar via Facebook says

Are any good for a meal replacement?

Heather Lynn via Facebook says

I try to make my own, but when I can’t I opt for clif protein builders!

Caren Giles via Facebook says

Lisa Fries

Sunni Mullenix via Facebook says

Derrick Wayne Hooper

Rachael Zonar via Facebook says

Allison McPeak

Sheila Ann via Facebook says

I am a big fan of vega meal bars

Anita Lang via Facebook says

Hey Sheila! I know of a few good bars!??!

Josh Koral via Facebook says

Nice list! I think you missed one that tops my list. Organic Food Bar-(protein variety ) vegan, 100% raw, 22g organic protein, 8g dietary fiber, no gmo’s, no trans fats, alkaline forming. Ingredients- Brown rice protein, organic tapioca syrup, organic dates, organic almond butter, organic raisins, organic bio sprouts-flax, organic sesame seeds.


Michelle Niewohner via Facebook says

So where the heck is the recipe for the homemade bar that is shown? That looks amazing!

Alyssa Collins via Facebook says

Cannot believe dale’s raw vegan protein bars aren’t on here… They are better than all the rest in my opinion. Not available at most food stores but you can find them at some health food stores and online. They are totally RAW vegan and made only with the best ingredients. Compared to the twenty something grammed sugar in some of the other bars listed here, dales only has about 6grams. And the taste is unsurpassed

Jessie Vitrano via Facebook says

Milarepa Mumford Lee

Luana Cecchi via Facebook says

Thank you for the suggestions!!When traveling is so difficult to find the right food for us…keep up with the good job:):)

Cheryl Clark Yankey via Facebook says

I carry them in my purse at all times along with dried or fresh fruit.

Samantha Lutz via Facebook says

LOVE macrobars! Peanut butter chocolate chip is the best!

Rina Racicot via Facebook says

Clif bars! Love them!

Tiffany Danielle via Facebook says

i love cliff bars. And they sell them everywhere. (y)

Traci Sebright Bault via Facebook says

I was glad to see Nu-Go on the list! They are my favorite!

Gabrielle Koczab via Facebook says

I am a busy physician and I keep a variety of protein bars in my desk such as kind bars, macro bars, paleo (no dairy but it contains honey so that’s a debatable ingredient). Also keep vegan orgain shakes nearby

Liz Lyons Aino via Facebook says

Annalisa Lyons Dutter

Sue Ann VanGilder via Facebook says

You listed my fave! Love LaraBars!

Amanda Lynn Wood via Facebook says

Luv the go macro bars

Surviving Food via Facebook says

Our followers will love this. Thanks for posting it…

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