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9 Vegan Recipes Anyone Can Make No Matter How Bad You Cook

I’m a person that likes to cook but some days I do not want to turn the stove on at all. I also know a lot of my vegan friends who love to eat high quality food but will not cook under almost any circumstances! A lot of these friends are always asking me for vegan recipes that do not require a stove.

The great thing about being vegan is that most of the foods we love can be eaten raw. Try doing that with most of your meals as a meat eater. You will find yourself in the emergency room. I like to tell my friends this is more proof that plant based vegan food is real food. It won’t kill you if you don’t cook it.


If you want to stay out of the kitchen but you still want to put some tasty meals together then I have some great suggestions for you. These include everything from side dishes to desserts. If you think about it a lot of the meals you eat every day probably already include one make food that required no cooking. Salads anyone? I have put together a list of 9 vegan recipes that require no cooking at all for you on the next page.

No matter what your level of cooking skills you will be able to make all of these great dishes. You should take a little bit of time to prepare, psych yourself up and then invite a bunch of friends over so you can show off. You should definitely reward yourself by making one of these today. I recommend one of the dessert recipes.

9 Vegan Recipes For Amateur Or Novice Cooks

1. Raw Cream Filled Chocolate Treats

2. Raw Low Fat Oreo Cookies

3. Raw Vegan Brownies You Can Make In 20 Minutes

3. Raw Carrot Cake That Is Unbelievable

4. 5 Amazing Smoothies That Are Full Of Nutrition

5. Awesome Vegan Energy Bars

7. No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

8. 3 Epic Salads That Are Full Satisfying Meals

9. 5 Amazing Vegan Sandwiches

No matter your level of skill in the kitchen you can make all of these recipes and they will come out perfect every time. And if you’re just a lazy cook they are great for that too. Basically, whatever it takes to get you started making fresh vegan food in your house is a good thing. So make something vegan and delicious today. You can do it.

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