It’s funny how a picture never tells the full story.

On this day taking in the sunset in Greece, and almost every day since I was 7 years old, I suffered from terrible, sometimes debilitating migraines.

Even when they weren’t at their worst as I went through my day, even when I smiled for the camera like in that picture, the pain was always there (or the promise of it).

Like a hum in the background I had grown to live with.

All through my early life my mom and I experimented with different types of medication. In the end we settled on a cocktail of anti-depressants which kept the migraines at bay. I couldn’t live without them.

So imagine my horror when I went to India for six weeks and discovered I’d left them at home.

Behind every photograph of every day with me smiling back, like this one in an Udaipur kitchen, was that 7 year old girl waiting for the pain to return and neither my mom nor my medication there to help me.

Jenny and Sashi in Rajhastan India

I waited every day for those old, familiar stabbing pains to return.

And waited… But… Nothing 


What had changed?

Three months earlier I had given up meat and dairy to become vegan. 

I had always loved animals and never really enjoyed the texture of meat (or the idea of it), so although this wasn’t the first time I had tried, in my heart of hearts I knew it would happen at some point. 

I hoped I would see some health benefits too but I never expected – whether directly or indirectly – that going vegan would free me from my migraines.

I haven’t looked back since.

And that journey I started years ago being vegan now includes more than just myself!

After hearing other people’s stories who went through their own twists and turns, and continue to learn new things every day as a vegan family, I took over this blog to share useful, clear information to support anyone interested in veganism or how to live a more mindful existence in balance with the world around us.

Oh, and to share good recipes too, because the choices you make about what you put in your body can change your life.

I learned that the hard way. 

So, that’s my ‘about me!’. Thank you so much for visiting…. and drop me a note any time!

See you inside!

Jenny x