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Very Vegan Recipes is a site for easy vegan recipes, vegan news and vegan health tips. This site is updated by “Vegan Addict” from the Facebook page Vegan Addict.

We do not offer medical advice and do not offer information intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. We are here to offer information we find about the health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. First and foremost compassion for animals are what being vegan is all about. A very nice side effect is a healthier life which has been documented in numerous research studies.

My personal story is one of weight loss and improved energy and mood. I even stopped smoking when I went vegan and I didn’t even have to try. It just kind of naturally happened which is remarkable in itself because nothing else had ever helped me. It’s amazing what your body and mind will do when you feed in the nutrition it craves. It’s only my personal opinion, but after my experience I now believe that addiction to smoking is nothing more than nutritional deficiency.

My wish is that you find a health story, a recipe or a comment from another vegan that uplifts and inspires you. We are all on this planet together and compassion is what will make this planet better. Compassion for each other, compassion or animals and even compassion towards ourselves.

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