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Almond Milk Sales Increase 250%, Milk Sales Fall By $1 Billion!

The dairy free trend in America and around the world is growing. Some new numbers from the Neilsen Company, which tracks everything from what is watched on TV to how much almond milk is sold apparently, show some pretty startling statistics for milk sales. It seems that the message about how harmful animal fats and proteins are is beginning to explode and take hold in America.

I don’t care what retail market space you are in, a 250% increase in sales is just phenomenal. It’s not a small spike or something seasonal either. The numbers are take from the past 5 years of almond milk sales. Not only is almond milk by far the favorite non-dairy milk in the U.S. it’s also taking a big chunk of the market share away from dairy milk.

You can find more than one brand of almond milk in most supermarkets in America today. In fact you can generally find as many as five or more brands in almost every major supermarket chain. Almond Breeze, Silk, Almond Dream, Almond Fresh, and Blue Diamond are some of the more popular brands of Almond milk. But maybe the ultimate sign of how popular this diary alternative has become, stores like WalMart and Publix are selling their own store brands of almond milk as well.

almond milk is gaining on dairy milk in national sales

In the past five years the sales of almond milk have increased a whopping 250%. The sales figures for traditional dairy milks shows who is losing market share very clearly too. Sales of traditional diary milk have declined by a staggering $1 billion dollars over that same time period. Now this is an enormous loss of sales. But it also show what a stranglehold diary has on the market. Traditional milk sales still numbers around 95% of all milk sales in the US with almond milk just getting 5% of the total share.

milk health concerns and risks

It has been conclusively shown that diary milk is not a healthy drink for humans. In addition to saturated fats and animal proteins, it doesn’t even help in the area it’s most touted, calcium. Several studies have shown that drinking dairy milk actually has a negative health effect on bones in women. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has documented very well the adverse health effects of dairy milk in the human body and especially on women.

Even though almond milk is growing in popularity there are still some things to be concerned about when purchasing it. Carrageenan is one of them. You can read our article on this carcinogenic substance that is found in some almond milk brands in this article. Of course many people are allergic to nuts as well so this is a barrier to them enjoying almond milk. For those people with allergies they can still chose from delicious rice milk, coconut milk, and other non dairy milk products.

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