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Amazing Duck Plays Fetch Better Than A Dog!

Duck Plays Fetch With Owner

One of the main vegan arguments is that all animals are precious, living sentient beings. They all live, think, hope and feel. It’s hard sometimes to convince those in the hunting world that a duck is just as viable an animal as a pet poodle is. That is one reason this video is so amazing. Imagine a duck that loves to play fetch and is just as good at it as any dog! This duck surely is.

The first time I saw this video I was blown away! You can clearly see that the duck loves playing fetch with it’s owner as much or more than any pet dog I have ever seen. So that kind of kills the whole argument of ducks not being as evolved as dogs or as smart as dogs. One of the things I hate is when people justify killing animals based on their supposed intelligence. If this is such a great way of determining who lives and who dies, why not just use the same principle for humans? It really makes you think!

I am a proud and unapologetic vegan. I love all living creatures including animals. I try not to be to militant about my beliefs but sometimes the arguments presented by the other side just have no value. They make no sense. And THAT is why I love this video so much. It’s very hard to argue that a duck does not have the same value as an animal, as a pet, as a living being compared to a dog, when you see the duck behaving exactly like a dog. And you also see the obvious bond between the duck and the human. Watch the video on the next page and then share it with every meat eater you know! Let’s spread the word. All animals are precious!

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