Amazing Vegan Skewers in 6 steps!

In only 6 easy steps and a matter of minutes you will be enjoying some tasty vegan skewers. When the sun is out, a light breeze is blowing, and you want something to toss on the grill, these vegan skewers are the answer.

When I hear people talk about how hard it is to go vegan it irritates me. There are so many vegan foods in the grocery store today you can basically eat vegan without even knowing it.

Seriously. There is a vegan version of everything. And while you will occasionally find one of these vegan products that just doesn’t taste very good, most of them are as good or better than the original.

This vegan skewer recipe takes advantage of one of the vegan adaptations you can buy in stores and combines it with whole food for a delicious and simple meal. Your yummy vegan skewer will have a small section of ‘junk food’ on it and the rest of it will be healthy, wholesome and delicious.

I like this vegan skewer idea because it’s a great way to sneak some nutrition into a meal when people aren’t expecting it. Like kids. And stubborn spouses. I love my veggies but not everyone does. They always love these skewers though.

These Vegan skewers are perfect when you are entertaining or just for your family night. We cook them on football Sundays a alot! There isn’t any complicated ingredients involved and the preparation is simple.

Vegan Skewers

1. Chop a vegan hot dog and an onion into chunks about the size of the end of your thumb

2. Cut then ends off of some Brussels sprouts

3. Get cherry tomatoes and pineapple chunks. (or cut fresh pineapple, even better)

4. Slide the above onto the skewer and alternate. Veg Dog, Onion, Brussel Sprouts, Tomato, Pineapple.

5. Cook in a non-stick pan, turning often and brushing with Teriyaki sauce as you turn.

6. Eat!

This recipe was adapted from and inspired by The Vegan Stoner

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