Amazing Vegan Transformations!

Amazing Vegan Transformations!

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One of the reasons I went vegan was because of a woman named Gail who I graduated with. She was a pretty chunky girl in school, never participated in many activities and was always sick. I met her a couple of years after graduation and I didn't even know who she was! She had gone from being the sick overweight girl from school to a  healthy marathon runner.

There were a lot of other reasons I moved to a plant based diet but Gail was a big part of it. I made the journey from vegetarian, to vegan, to mostly raw vegan and back to just vegan. But a large percent of what I eat is still raw. That truth is, unless you are eating mostly processed vegan junk food, you can easily lose weight by going vegan.

I don't care why people get into a vegan lifestyle. I just hope they do. If wanting to look sexy is your motivation then let's do it! I have some amazing transformations to share with you. From a SAD diet to a vegan or raw vegan diet. All of these people are amazing. Check them out on the next page!

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