Amazing Vegan Transformations!

One of the reasons I went vegan was because of a woman named Gail who I graduated with. She was a pretty chunky girl in school, never participated in many activities and was always sick. I met her a couple of years after graduation and I didn’t even know who she was! She had gone from being the sick overweight girl from school to a  healthy marathon runner.

There were a lot of other reasons I moved to a plant based diet but Gail was a big part of it. I made the journey from vegetarian, to vegan, to mostly raw vegan and back to just vegan. But a large percent of what I eat is still raw. That truth is, unless you are eating mostly processed vegan junk food, you can easily lose weight by going vegan.

I don’t care why people get into a vegan lifestyle. I just hope they do. If wanting to look sexy is your motivation then let’s do it! I have some amazing transformations to share with you. From a SAD diet to a vegan or raw vegan diet. All of these people are amazing.

Can you imagine being almost 300 pounds with a blood pressure of 160/100? That is so dangerous and unhealthy. But a vegan diet saves the day! This is just one more example of how eating mostly whole plant foods can correct all kinds of health problems like being overweight, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Eric lost over 100 pounds and cured his type 2 diabetes by going vegan and eating whole plant foods!

Eric lost over 100 pounds and cured his type 2 diabetes by going vegan and eating whole plant foods! Yes, men are seeing amazing health results from plant based diets. But there are some amazing women too. Like Jill who you can see below.

Julie looks incredible after losing over 50 pounds on a vegan diet. She is now a mostly raw vegan. Plant foods rule!

Julie looks incredible after losing over 50 pounds on a vegan diet. She is now a mostly raw vegan. You don’t have to be a raw vegan to lose weight and feel great. Just eat mostly whole plant foods. Plant foods rule!

If you think that is amazing, wait until you meet  Miranda and Joe on the next page below. They have two of the most phenomenal vegan weight loss stories I have ever seen. The before and after pics are mind blowing. You can see their story by clicking next page below.

24 thoughts on “Amazing Vegan Transformations!”

  1. Samantha Jo Matott via Facebook

    My boyfriend went from 359 pounds to 180-200 pounds just by going vegan. It’s great to see other people see the same results!

  2. Cheryl Clark Yankey via Facebook

    I went totally vegan a year ago and have lost 50+ lbs. and got completely off BP meds and am no longer type 2 diabetic! I did it for me and for the animals. A clear conscience is priceless.

  3. Laura L. Sutera via Facebook

    Did anyone go vegetarian for awhile say several months or a year then switch to vegan and lose even more weight?

  4. Awesome! I so wish more people can come to the realization that The human body has no more need for cows’ milk than it does for dogs’ milk, horses’ milk, or giraffes’ milk. Plus, vegan food can be absolutely fantastic, like the mouthwatering roasted veggie lasagna we posted and everyone went nuts about

    1. Increase your intake on fruit and green leafy vegetables. Limit your intake on carbs. There’s lots of diet plans online that you can follow, check out Pinterest they have lots of ideas.

    2. Make sure you still get healthy fats, but keep those rations down. Try to avoid using too much oil when cooking, and don’t over do it on the foods you mentioned above. Maybe do some research on the HCLF diet.

  5. I highly believe in a vegan diet and have experienced many benefits from following one, but having weight fall off hasn’t been one of them. I know many vegans with an experience similar to mine. I did initially lose about 15 pounds, but have since hovered around 145. I don’t eat junk either! I have done my time with no oil and even LCHF also. Right now I’m trying intermittent fasting with good results. Vegan is for me but I still have to work at weight loss.

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