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Vegan Weight Loss Plan Is Best For Heart Health

Forget about weight loss programs. Get on board the vegan weight loss plan. Eating the right food, vegan food, is one of the best weight loss programs and you can do that yourself. Just a couple of weeks ago we had an huge study that showed the Vegan diet for weight loss was also best for heart health. Now we have another landmark study that shows the Vegan diets is best for weight loss and it’s not even close. This study compared several diets to each other to see which one performed best. One of the great things that came from this study was that even though Vegans tend to overload on Carbs like bread, they still win the weight loss battle. Hey Atkins dieters, you can have bread and lose weight! Come on over to Vegan!

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  1. I’m taking an anatomy and physiology class and we just took a look at how the Atkin’s diet really works. (That, and Alli). I would NOT recommend either! Just increase exercise and eat better foods.

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