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Baileys Almande Liqueur Is Finally Vegan!

It wasn’t long ago that vegans got excited about Baileys Almande Liqueur, almond milk beverage. A flavored alcoholic beverage that was made from almond milk and vegan was exciting new. And then suddenly it wasn’t.

Very shortly after the release of Baileys Almande Liqueur it was discovered that it contained beeswax. So much for being vegan Baileys, come on! A lot of vegans who had gotten really excited were very disappointed.

vegan baileys almande liquer dairy free

I hate to put you on the vegan roller-coaster of excitement once again but Diageo, the makers of Baileys Almande Liqueur, just announced it really is vegan now. The product is dairy free and the beeswax has been removed.

This drink is described on their website as light and tasty with an nutty vanilla flavor. They also have many delicious looking recipes you can try with it like Baileys Almande Crush. and our favorite, Bailys Frozen Frappe.

baileys frozen frappe vegan liqueur drink recipe

It appears like this vegan alcoholic treat is currently only available in North America but there are plans to roll it out to other countries soon. If you have a recipe you’d like to share let us know!

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