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Baked Vegan Cheetos

Are vegan cheetos even possible? Of course they are. If you used to love Cheetos then this recipe could provide the vegan fix you have been looking for. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a crisp cheesy crunch and these deliver.

Honestly though, if you went vegan then you most likely do not want Cheetos. There are about a million reasons why you would want to stay far away from them. So this nice little baked vegan version could be exactly the thing you need to get your crunchy cheesy flavor without a lot of the bad ingredients that come with the real thing.


These pretty, crunchy, cheesy treats are full of flavor so you will get plenty of bang for your buck. With the perfect amount of nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, garlic and onions you will definitely love the flavor. They are baked instead of fried so that’s a plus too.

The best part, other than the taste, may be the 10 minute prep time. So if you’re not a dedicated, stay in the kitchen all day, kind of person then this recipe is perfect for you! The next time you want a crunchy cheesy snack then make sure you have this recipe handy.

Attention all Cheetos junkies, we have a nice vegan alternative for you. Will these taste exactly like cheetos? No. Is the texture and crunch exactly the same? No. Will they hit that cravings center in your brain and make it all better? Definitely yes!

You can get this recipe for delicious vegan cheetos by clicking here.

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