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Beat Winter Cold Allergies By Going Vegan

About 6 years ago I always kept two things by my bed. A glass of water and my prescription allergy medicine.

I was plagued by cold allergies every single winter!

I was talking to a few friends of mine last week and we were discussing the health benefits we had all discovered since going vegan. My friend David was also someone who always had his allergy medications close by. His allergies were so bad he would have a sore throat almost year round. He was telling me that one day he suddenly realized he hadn’t taken his allergy medication in months and he felt amazing. My story is similar to that as well. Cold and Allergy season was the worst time of year for me and this included the dreaded winter allergies.

Why do vegans seem to do so well with health issues like cold, allergies, sore throat, sneezing and the common cold? It’s pretty simply really. It’s all about the food! Just by going vegan you are bound to get more of the foods that boost your immune system and fight disease. But if you want to really kick it up a notch I’ve got a list of 5 foods you should try to eat every day.

Check out these vegan superfoods on the next page and say goodbye to cold and allergy medicine!

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