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Blueberries, Strawberries and 5 other Berries You Must Eat

Most of us are vegan for two reasons. To save and honor animals and for our health. A big part of the health aspect of any diet is eating berries. You probably already know that strawberries and blueberries are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and nutrition. But you may not know the other berries you should be eating every day.

When I was growing up we had what I thought were blueberry bushes in the woods behind our house. I would often tell mom I was going to pick from the blueberry plant and she would just smile. Turns out they were actually blackberries. I loved eating them though. Other than those times I really only saw berries when they were covered in chocolate or in a pie. Chocolate covered strawberries were one of my mothers favorite things to eat. I liked eating them too as you might imagine. And of course cherry pie, blueberry pie and blackberry pies were a staple, especially around the holidays.

Since I have gone vegan I had discovered the power of the berry. So many of these tasty treats are packed full of nutrition. And they don’t have to be covered in chocolate or buried in a pie to enjoy them. Do you know what the 7 most powerful berries are and why you should eat them every day? It’s a lot more than just blueberry and strawberries! Learn what they are and why you should be eating them nearly every day on the next page.

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