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Broccoli and Leek Pasta With Roasted Garlic

Ok look, another vegan pasta recipe! Yes I love pasta and this recipe for Broccoli and Leek Pasta with Roasted Garlic is both simple and incredible. I had never made a recipe like this where the flavors of all the ingredients are used in such a pronounced way. You really get the strength and depth of everything with every bite!

The secret to this recipe is that everything is roasted. The Broccoli, the Garlic, the Leeks, all of it. And then you add in this rich creamy sauce made from cashews and you get a really amazing pasta dish. Roasting the main ingredients really brings out their deepest flavors. Then those incredible flavors get infused into the creamy cashew sauce. What you wind up with is a unique pasta dish that’s easy to make but taste like a chef made it.

broccoli and leek pasta with roasted garlic recipe

The recipe and photos are courtesy of Veggie and the Beast Feast. You can get this recipe for Broccoli and Leek Pasta here.

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