Vegan Butternut Squash and Avocado Salad

Seasonal recipes are great because they take advantage of what is fresh! When butternut squash is in season I like to put it in as many recipes as possible. This butternut squash and avocado salad in one I never tire of. And of course avocado is in season any time and I love it. So this recipe is a match made in heaven.

Speaking of avocado I learned and interesting fact. Did you know that avocado stay ripe on the tree for up to 8 months? This is why we get fresh avocado year round almost everywhere. The farmers can let it stay on the tree until they are ready to harvest it which could be any time within an 8 month period. Another reason avocados are a near perfect vegan food.

vegan butternut squash and avocado salad recipe

This salad really is amazing and part of that is due to the giant couscous. Its made from wheat flour and semolina and when you prepare it you get this really amazing roasted flavor. The richness and depth it adds to the salad in divine.

And of course there is the balsamic glaze. This offers up just the right about of perfectly sweet flavor that sets everything off and brings it together. Never let anyone tell you that salads are boring. And if they try, feed them this incredible vegan salad and they will change their mind quickly.

While this salad may look complicated and complex, don’t worry. There are only eight ingredients total and assembling it really is a snap. If you can make a peanut butter sandwich, then your vegan cooking skills are more than adequate to make this vegan feast.

These pics and this amazing vegan salad recipe are courtesy of the Don’t Feed After Midnight Blog. You can get the recipe on their site by clicking here.

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