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Butternut Squash in Green Curry

When butternut squash is in season I get excited because of recipes like this! This delicious Butternut Squash in Green Curry is great as a standalone or even better over rice! If you love the tastes and flavors of fall then this is a vegan recipe worth exploring.

If you haven’t worked with butternut squash very much it’s time to learn. They can be a little tricky in the kitchen but this vegan food is one that’s worth the effort to learn. It’s flavor is so deep and rich and it has an almost natural butter taste to it. Add it to you fall vegan diet and reap the rewards with every single bite.

Butternut Squash in Green Curry Vegan Recipe

This really is a genius vegan recipe featuring butternut squash. The deep rich flavor of butternut squash is accented by sweet coconut milk the citrus flavor of cilantro. Then you kick it up with some ginger, garlic and green chiles. And of course you can buy prepared green curry paste but making it fresh from this recipe will really take this dish to a new level. This is one you can eat by itself but it’s even better when served over rice.

These great pics and this easy vegan recipe are courtesy of From A Chef’s Kitchen. You can get this delicious vegan recipe for Butternut Squash by clicking here.

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