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Carrie Underwood Isn’t Vegan So Why Does She Say She Is?

I love it when celebrities spread the vegan message. But Carrie Underwood isn’t vegan. I keep asking myself why she claims to be vegan when she says things to clearly indicate she isn’t. Am I the only one who gets upset by celebrities like Carrie Underwood saying they are vegan when they aren’t?

Here’s the thing, unlike a lot of vegans I am all for plant based eaters. And I think if you really love animals you should applaud anyone who takes steps to eat less animals. That includes vegetarians, plant based eaters, and evens people who only do meatless Monday. That’s less animals killed. Period.


Carrie Underwood seems like a really intelligent woman. She is talented, smart, and gorgeous. And it’s clear she tries hard to keep her body in top shape. Her rebound from having a baby was just remarkable. In just a matter of weeks she was slim and sexy again. But does she even know what a vegan is?

I don’t think she does. And she’s not alone. There are many celebrities like Carrie Underwood who say they are vegan but also talk about times they eat animal foods. And they always have an excuse. In her case it was her pregnancy when she started eat animal products and she cites her busy schedule as well.

But sometimes, she can’t stick to (a vegan diet) 100 percent. “I want to be vegan so badly, all the way, 1,000 percent,” she says. “But traveling and stuff, it just kind of gets hard. Sometimes I may have to do some egg whites or something for breakfast,” she says.

It’s quote like these that make me so mad. If she had said she tried to stick to a plant based diet but sometimes she didn’t I would be fine with it. That’s a diet and you can cheat on a diet. But veganism is NOT a diet. It is a philosophy. It’s a way of live. It’s a value system. You don’t ‘cheat’ on those things.

I’m not trying to be mean to Carrie Underwood or any of the other celebrities that rarely eat meat, eggs, or dairy. I praise them for doing it and for being so outspoken about it. I bet they save a lot of animals because they influence others to try it as well. But please…STOP saying you are vegan. You are not vegan. You are eating a plant based diet.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please comment below, or on the Facebook post where you saw this article. Sound off vegans! Am I wrong or am I right?

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  1. Some people don’t do it for compassion towards animals so once in a while they slip or say things like she does. My cousins eat a vegan diet but I notice that they use and wear leather, etc. and if we’re at a BBQ with our non-vegan relatives they will sometimes eat meat. Personally, I am vegan for compassion towards animals so I will never knowingly eat, wear or use animal products and it is not hard for me one bit. I’d cut her some slack because at least she doesn’t eat animals every day. That’s something, I think … a little bit is better than none at all. ??? Said with all the love in my heart ❤️.
    ***edited to add that I travel with my own food when I know I’m going to someone’s house that will not have vegan options. If I’m going out I always google the menu or call ahead. Most restaurants will have baked potatoes and salad.

    1. I think you’re confusing vegan with plant based. Your cousins eat plant based diet, not a vegan diet. That’s the point of this article is people confusing the two terms. Vegan is a lifestyle and plant based is a diet. It’s an honest mistake that so many people make. No actual vegan would ever choose to consume an animal or wear and animal even if it was more convenient. Now, that’s not to say that people who eat plant based aren’t compassionate towards animals.

    2. Ooohhhh kkkk. Whatever … that’s a bit too persnickety for me. Vegan and Plant Based diet means the same thing. Lifestyle is a whole other conversation. Splitting hairs is not my thing. Call it what you like. It’s all about love ❤️ as far as I’m concerned. ✌????????

    3. Kathy Schmachtenberger I agree it can get a bit picky, but misusing the words can confuse others who aren’t sure what vegan is. I’ve had people think vegans can eat fish, chicken, or eggs because they’ve seen their “vegan” friends eat them. So maybe you the people who are more picky have had bad experiences of people getting confused. This happened to me at my job when I tried to veganized our pasta… I work in a restaurant. I was given a pasta with cheese and chicken in it because the cook assumed vegans could eat that. Just like I’ve been gifted leather products, because people don’t realize vegans don’t wear animals either. In my opinion, if people are making an attempt to eliminate animal products from their diet even just one day a month then I’m happy. It’s progress.

    4. Sessalie Sandoval I’m curious what is the difference between plant base and vegan thought it was the same. (By the way in not vegan). Just curious because I don’t eat as much meat as I use to and little by little I am working towards eliminating all animal products from my diet and others things (clothes , handbags etc)

  2. Oh please. Her intention is in the right place but she is a human being. Nobody’s perfect. As someone who travels often, i know that eating perfectly is not always feasible. Insisting on vegan perfection is off-putting to people who might otherwise give it a whirl.

    1. Yep – being too preachy and holier than thou is annoying and off putting to others who are considering working towards a vegan life as an end goal. Being all “I’m perfect and it’s easy for me” about it just harms the cause in the end. Allow people to be fallible – at least they’re trying.

    2. I think the article is just about how people confuse plant based diets with being vegan. Veganism is a lifestyle that happens to include a plant based diet. Honest mistake that many people make. I personally don’t get mad about it, but I understand how some can. To some passionate vegans, it comes across as making veganism seem like a fad and a temporary thing.

  3. And this is why vegans have a bad name…. being all prissy and elitist… at least she does it most of the time which is more than the majority of the planet, surely what she labels herself is up to her? Us women have enough stick given to us by the men of the world without women starting to have a go too.

  4. Being vegan is a lot more than being meatless. It’s also clothing, shoes, accessories, products that test on animals. I call them vegans of convenience. Kudos for trying, maybe someday they’ll face it full on. I have soy allergies, am gluten intolerant AND lazy, I still manage when I’m on the run, on vacation or just having a really lazy day. I’m not perfect, I’m continously learning. But the effort is there. These vegans of convenience are trying, and they are helping.

    1. I can DIE….people are allowed to be vegan due to health issues. I’m meat, bird, dairy from cows and sheep, kale, radish and gluten free. I’m sure that you have never heard of the HASHIMOTOS which is a thyroid issue that comes with zillion food issues. Yeah so I didn’t CHOOSE this…it chose me. Lololo

    2. Indeed I have heard of hashimotos, I did not choose to be vegan at first either. I can not eat any type of animal product due to my allergies and the garbage they feed animals. But research has led me to embrace this lifestyle with open arms. Yes, many of us can die due to our allergies, I indeed carry my epipen wherever I go. Not fair to assume what I know and what I don’t know. Good luck on your health issues.

  5. I’ve always heard her say that she aims for mostly vegan but sometimes doesn’t feel able to when traveling. She’s still doing a lot and if most people went “mostly” vegan, the animals would be better off.

  6. I am vegan at home but sometimes when eating at others home’s I don’t have 100% control and will eat vegetarian if that’s all that is being served (sometimes there is a sauce that is not vegan compliant). I don’t shame others for trying their very best. Every effort counts. They are making a difference and spreading the word. Be happy no meat or flesh on their plates and all the lives they have saved over the years

    1. This is about where I am. I wish there was a good term for it. I have found myself telling people that I’m vegan (even though I’m not 100%) because it is easier to explain and because it makes it more likely that they will offer a vegan option the next time.

    2. But vegan is a better term than plant based, when (like me) you’re not only aware of your food choices but also do not buy products tested on animals, or buy leather, silk, or wool, or any other products which contain animal products. Being so rigid and pious only drives away people who are afraid they can’t “do it perfectly”, and then how many animals have we not saved by discouraging them?

  7. It’s picking on people who see the truth and are transitioning, that makes some think vegans are quacks. Just saying! We all are at different levels. She is trying. And someone like her, in her status, saying they are going vegan can cause a huge shift in popularity of going without meat. Who cares why people stop the killing as long as they do?

  8. Its not a plant-based diet, either, if they’re eating animal products. So, she is neither vegan nor a follower of a plant-based diet. But I love how you included that any steps made in the direction of veganism should be praised and encouraged.

  9. I think Megan’s are way too critical. People try really hard and it’s just not that easy. I think giving people credit for trying is good enough. And she doesn’t claim to be 100% vegan

  10. The judgement and anger towards people claiming the monicker ‘Vegan’ is what makes vegans seem preachy and unlikeable. I don’t like this article at all and think it’s sad that you’re mad, just because she used the term incorrectly. I’m out! Not going to continue on this group.

  11. i think it’s pretty annoying when someone lives a lifestyle 99% of the time but that’s not good enough for 100%ers… unless you carry a gun and a bible while hating the liberals, you’re not republican enough, and unless you have an abortion on the way to get your freetrade latte, and love universal basic income, you’re not democratic enough… vivere, reservate

    1. “Real” vegans aren’t wrong about this topic, but it absolutely and completely does no good for the cause to make a stink. The focus should be on everybody lowering, or eliminating, their use of animals. Done, the end. If you avoid animal products 99.99% of your life, keep a vegan kitchen at home, but eat a piece of birthday cake for someone, what GOOD does it do to sound the “vegan” alarm? If you eat bacon every day or an egg sandwich every morning with a glass of milk and call yourself vegan, then the eyebrows should rightly be raised and the eyes should roll.

      I don’t think the 99.999%’ers are trying to “get credit.” There’s a huge gap between trying to fake being vegan and having a simple, VERY OCCASIONAL AND RARE, slip up.

      For myself, personally, if I tell people I’m vegetarian, then restaurants and family will always include eggs and milk in their meals. Since I’m avoiding it as best I can (yes, I’m a 99%’er), I don’t want it in my meals. Family and friends know me as “vegan” because that’s functionally more useful. I don’t identify with my slip-ups. They’re the exception, not the rule.

      Short version: vegans aren’t wrong that the 99%’ers aren’t really vegan. But we have to distinguish between people who are doing their best to make a difference and people trying to fake something for “credit.” The label war completely distracts omnivores from feeling welcome into this veg world.

  12. I tried eating 100% vegan & did really well for months, but I stopped saying I was vegan because life happens & to be true I’m a “plant based eater”, NONE of my friends or family are vegan, so to say I would never eat meat or dairy is a lie. I eat plant based for health & animal compassion, but I’m not against eating animals 100%. & No I will never be a “real” vegan – I ride horses, good tack is made of leather!

  13. Why are we so hung up on labels? Vegan, plant based, vegetarian, pescetarian, lacto-ovo, raw….BLAH BLAH BLAH. She’s not eating animal products for the most part. Good for her. Good for the animals. Good for her health.

  14. I’m a new vegan (3 months). Honestly, vegans try to overvegan other vegans is a HUGE turnoff for other people. So ugly. Stop being so critical to other people who are trying. Do what you can do, and let others do what they can do !!

  15. Veganism and a plant-based diet are two entirely different things!! I don’t understand why people don’t get this.


    Is a LIFESTYLE to cause the least amount of harm possible. Which mean we do not eat anything that contains animal products, by-products, the use of products that have animal ingredients or that have been tested on animals. Again this is a lifestyle, an ethical and moral choice, to stand up for animals and their rights as individuals.

    Plant-based diet:

    One who doesn’t consume animal protein and by-products, when it’s convenient. More often than not individuals choose a plant based diet to benefit themselves, whether it’s to lose weight or to feel better. Then you have the celebrities who actually eat just a plant-based diet that claim to be vegan for popularity.

  16. I cant believe i wasted my.time readong this article, somebody had to much time on their hands to wrote it! AnyBODY, or any PERSON that contributes to either themselves or somebody else eating less animals … TF you going to complain…..its the same old story, “oh youre doing better, bit not good enough”

    Iys people like this writer that make other people so edgy about talkong with them….
    Its how vegans got their stereotype! Cut it put with the nitpicking!!! Eat less animals, do what you can

    1. No one is saying she isn’t trying.. But don’t call yourself vegan if you are not… Being an ethical vegan means you do not consume animal products, or exploit animals in any way.. I find just in my little world people offer me foods or items made from animals because their understanding of what a vegan is comes from people like this.. How hard is it to say, I’m vegetarian or follow plant based instead? Stating they’re vegan, but their not.. It creates misinformation.

  17. Rather than condemn her, be glad she is bringing awareness. Who knows what her journey is. Perhaps in a year she be a total vegan and on HER journey, thanks to her platform, she just may bring others along on the journey to Veganism.

  18. I took the 30 day vegan pledge JAn 1 and feel amazing. I lost 11 pounds and feel so much more energy! I miss cheese so much and meat not at all. However sadly, I agree this vegan trying to “out vegan” others and the negativity and putting down is a complete turnoff.

    1. Actually it does matter, there is a difference. If you are vegan then you are vegan, you do not eat anything that is animal or from an animal, you do not wear animals, you do not used products tested on animals, that contain animals or anything from an animal. To say you are something that you are not is a “alternative fact”…have we not learned anything?!?

    2. I know what a vegan is and still maintain that it doesn’t matter. You can call yourself anything you like, it’s your actions that count for something not your label. And all I really meant was that even if that celebrity isn’t a perfect vegan, she still brings awareness to it and that’s definitely good, right?

  19. Sorry, but you’re wrong. At least she’s trying, and admitting that sometimes she fails at it. If you really want to make an impact it’s not really fair to come down so hard on anyone else who is also trying to make an impact.

  20. Who cares what some dumb celebrities do?? Adam Levine sells a product in which people swear by but in infomercial he doesn’t tell you he’s vegan, has been for long time. He got diagnosed with severe lactose intolerance as a teenager. Do the screaming teenagers that buy his stuff know that??? Nope…That’s why they still have the acne…..

  21. And if you read the article you would take note of this comment:

    “Here’s the thing, unlike a lot of vegans I am all for plant based eaters. And I think if you really love animals you should applaud anyone who takes steps to eat less animals. That includes vegetarians, plant based eaters, and evens people who only do meatless Monday. That’s less animals killed. Period.”

    I’m not a “militant vegan” either, I commend anyone who removes animals from their diets, it is often the first step and I was there once. BUT, be truthful about your journey.

    We need more people to be honest in this world filled with “alternative facts”.

  22. This kind of thing is nothing new. I’ve been vegetarian for 35 years, and many times I run into people who say “Im a vegetarian” and then they say “but I eat chicken and fish.” Or recently I met a mom who told me her son was a “Vegan.” When I asked how he handles avoiding pizza, she looked confused: ” Oh he’s a vegan, but he eats cheese.” It’s crazy! :O

    1. A lot of people mistake vegan for vegetarian. All the time people refer to me as vegan (mostly family members), and I am always quick to clarify “vegetarian, not vegan.” There is a big difference in diet.

  23. People fail. And others watch like a hawk and love pointing out when someone fails. She has the desire to be vegan but also knows that she has failed at being vegan. She doest want to lie but she doesn’t want to shout that she is a failure. She is being honest and people complain about that also. It is a no win situation. I am happy she has reduced her consumption of animal products. I have failed at being a vegetarian and wannabe vegan. But I am still trying.

  24. It bothers me because it is really difficult to live in this world and be vegan. You can’t just simply buy or get anything without research, examining every inch of the product labeling, making sure they are a responsible company, etc….. Sometimes it is downright frustrating to look at everything in your life, not just your plant based diet, and make sure you are truly vegan. People don’t understand all you go through to live this way and it hurts when people trivialize it. On the other hand if her example gets people to change in anyway I am all for it! Sometimes little steps lead people to bigger steps. So basically I can see both sides of the issue.

    1. Right? I praise my friends when they try vegan food because that’s just it… they’re trying it. Most people scoff at vegan food like it’s literally dirt. We have to give people credit when credit is due.

    1. Gretchen Harwood what do you know about what I think about horse racing? Obviously nothing. Easy to point the finger at someone on FB when you know nothing about them. I see cowards like you everyday. I don’t take it personally because I know you are the one with issues, not me. You have seen one photo of me on a horse and have drawn the conclusion that I race horses. An honest mistake for someone who is ignorant about horse sports. If you knew me at all, even just as an acquaintance, you would know what I do with horses and how much time I spend rehoming unwanted TB’s from the “barbaric” sport of horse racing. I don’t care that Carrie Underwood isn’t vegan. Just don’t claim to be then make excuses why you can’t be. She could be if she wanted. She probably feels guilty so is making excuses. Her problem, not mine. Much like it’s your problem that you are a coward, not mine.

  25. Who cares what you call yourself as long youre not eating animals or trying to not eat them as much as possible. Vegans, worry about being more relatable and you’ll get through to more people. The more you write stupid articles like these it gives vegans a bad name and makes them look petty. Spend your time writing articles to highlight real animal abusing assholes instead of people who are clearly trying and are really close

    1. Veganism is a philosophy, like Buddhism. Can one be “mostly Buddhist?” further, would true buddhists notice or mind when this idea of “mostly” permeates the collective consciousness? And what happens when “mostly” becomes “close enough?” Doesn’t the very word then mean something different and less?
      Let’s protect the meaning behind the words we use and not misrepresent ourselves. It is someone’s obligation to call others out when they are being, living, or speaking inauthentically

    2. I’m 100% vegan. So vegan I wont allow people to bring anything no vegan into my house. But seriously you have no argument here. It’s not about being self righteous it’s about doing as much as possible to cause the least amount of harm. We’re not talking about a religious belief, we are talking about reality and what is. And I support people making efforts to go against what is “normal,” not only because of societal pressure but also the less availability. Which I think isn’t a good enough excuse. It’s not hard to travel and be vegan. But she’s promoting it and holding it in high reguard.

    3. You go ahead and keep calling people out, and see how much that helps the cause. Instead on leading by example. Nobody chnages because they are bullied, they change because they find an emotional connection the the issue and then change from within

  26. You are correct. This is frustrating, getting tiresome and confuses people. I also agree that any step toward veganism is wonderful. In my view being vegan is a way of looking at the world through actions that do not harm animals, earthlings and the planet whenever possible. Of course no animal consumption, parts if secretions. Educate those with confusing messages no matter how famous or well-liked they may be.

  27. Mary Taulbee. We change nothing about our diet, except what we call it. Plant based diet. Can’t really claim to be vegan when you read this. Besides, I think PBD freaks people out less when you’re asked what you eat.

  28. It’s this attitude of “you must be perfect” that turns so many potential vegans away. I was one of them. You try so hard and keep being reminded that you’ve essentially “failed”. The vegan police are always on duty and show no mercy. I applaud everyone who is making an effort to reduce the use and consumption of animal products. I will never call myself a “vegan” again. I don’t care for titles nor do I feel I need one. I’m doing the best I can and if that’s not good enough for the “elite” vegans then so be it.

    1. she posted a “rant” about her misuse of the word because Carrie may on a rare occasion eat an egg white. Yes, she is making judgements on her food choices. It’s all the same. Let’s rant because she ate an egg white and calls herself a “vegan” rather than commend her for the incredible effort she’s putting forth to even be a “vegan”. I see it all the time. It’s nonproductive. I just shared my point of view.

    1. There is no problem. I am proud to eat a plant based diet. I eat compassionately, but I am still not vegan. I don’t say I am vegan, but I ate a burger last week. That isn’t vegan, it’s a bald face lie.

  29. Any of us that are trying to do the right thing should be revered and not criticized. I am learning yet that cruelty free is not the same thing as vegan. I asked a question in a vegan group and while a few were kind and supportive of my question (Burt Bee’s has a new organic protein shake that I had not seen before and my question was had anyone seen it? As in are they transitioning over to the vegan market. Someone pointed out it had honey powder and then you would have thought I committed a horrible act against bees and vegans). I call this uppity vegans. For those of us trying to get there all it does is make me not to want to ask questions. (Yes, I understand the honey issue but maduko honey is medicinal and that has been proven. Bees are not harmed and it is a natural antibiotic for the skin as well as within the body). This is where I have a problem some vegans go from one extreme to another eating just as unhealthy products (margarine) to avoid butter because it comes from an animal. Not justifying butter here but margarine is bad for the body. Those that crave meat and eat fake meat contaminated with GMO soy might as well be eating meat. Now Beyond Burger has a bleeding vegan burger that vegans boast about how delicious it is and I am like if one eats a plant based diet why would one want to eat a fake bleeding meat burger? They even keep it in the meat case. There is a fine line of being a hypocrite here. It has baffled me a lot today how some vegans can be so cruel and judgemental towards another. It seems just as cruel as those that glorify the blood sport of killing and eating animals. It is like politics far left or far right and where are the people in the middle that are doing their best one day at a time to make the planet a safer and better place?

    1. A fine line of being a hypocrite indeed. In a post saying you don’t want to be judged you’re judging others? And I strongly disagree that people who eat “fake meat” might as well eat animals. I’m sure the animals would also disagree.

    2. ^ and there you go. Perfect example of a self righteous vegan who could have kept scrolling but couldn’t resist the moment to chastise another. Save the animals but be hateful to human beings. That’s speciasism is it not?, choosing what’s ok to save and what’s not okay to save.

  30. It’s the old, “I’m vegetarian, and I eat fish.” I met a coworker from India, a Brahman, in the cafeteria at work. He was holding a plate of chicken. I said, “You said you were vegetarian, I thought.” He said, “I am. All Brahmans are vegetarian by birth.” The point is, people define it different ways.

    1. Eating fish is not vegetarian. Pescetarian does NOT equal eating plants. I’m not vegan. I eat farm raised eggs on occasion, tho mostly they are feed to the dogs (definitely not vegetarians.) I eat Indian food on occasion (dairy, no meat). Mostly, I eat beans greens and grains. I call myself vegetarian. I avoid leather, but I take wool from small batch farmers whose animals I know personally, and I spin it into yarn. Shades of gray.

  31. How do you know she eats animal products? I don’t think it really matters. It influences others to eat more consciously & still makes a difference. I called myself vegan when I still ate some animal products because people need to lable everything. Are you vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan? The world must know! I’m sure being a celebrity makes it even more ridiculous.

    1. I also think if becoming vegan is a person’s goal, they’re entitled to use the term just like a person attending Catholic Church but isn’t baptised & hasn’t completed communion is still a Catholic. I think it’s a little snobbish to exclude people on the path because they’re not where you are yet.

  32. Because she’s probably trying…… Isn’t that what you’d rather see than being berated for not following every single rule. Geeeezzz don’t we have enough problems in this country right now then worrying about what Carrie is eating.

  33. You’re right: words have meaning and she isn’t vegan. Celebs and others who misuse the word vegan do allow the conversation to grow, so in that way help the vegan cause. Also, I applaud anyone who does their best to change their diet in a way that alleviates animal suffering and expands the conversation of what the word vegan actually means.

  34. I read it twice just to make sure I hadn’t missed a snarky, elitist tone, and I couldn’t find one. I find it odd and even suspicious that so many people got defensive at the suggestion that someone is misusing a word that means something very specific. I don’t lie about being vegan, so maybe that’s why I didn’t feel the need to get defensive.

  35. Who cares, as long as her heart is in the right place, and she does the best she can, working toward that goal. You should praise her to every little step she takes to get there. C’mon, people! Isn’t there enough turmoil in this world?

  36. She said she was trying and isn’t that worth something. Every bit helps. She also admitted to not being perfect, so she didn’t lie. She also has a lot of young followers. Her saying that may make other young people interested in learning about the lifestyle.

  37. Well i think a lot of people think of vegan as plant based and use either term when describing their way of eating. I dont think she is intentionally lying about it when she is stating she is vegan…i know she has been plant based for quite some time and her heart is def in the right place when it comes to consuming animal products. I call myself vegan first to get the word out and get asked questions and second because i dont consume animal products almost all the time. I may wear things or have things that are from an animal from time to time but it was never intentional and may also be something i had before i made the change. However with that said i am 15 weeks pregnant and i do know that for most of this 15 weeks i have been very sick and a LOT of things gave me nausea or vomiting so therefore have very reluctantly had to give in to some animal products at this time. I hate that it is this way but I need to eat sometimes and this is the way it goes till further notice. So yes when it comes to pregnancy a lot of changes in the things u eat may take place. Every one is different.

  38. Agree 100%. You can’t be vegan “sometimes” or “most of the time”. You don’t get cheat days. Veganism is all encompassing. No animal products. I don’t know if she refers only to her diet when she refers to wanting to be vegan, but if so, and most definitely if she consumes animal product of any kind, she should use “primarily plant based”.

    1. This isn’t about being the “vegan police”. This is about correct terminology. And the word ‘vegan’ has a specific definition. The author welcomes people who eat plant-based most of the time, sometimes, or once a week, as do I. Every little bit helps. But it also means you are not vegan. It’s like saying that the bicycle I ride is a motorcycle.

  39. Reading the comments, it’s pretty clear that maybe a handful of people actually read the article. There is no anger or elitist tone in it. Just explaining the difference between veganism (a lifestyle based on ethics and caring for animals) and plant based (a diet based on personal health/well being)

  40. I wonder if you rabid vegans feed your dogs and cats meat? If not, you are being cruel to them. As has been my point for years, what, exactly, do you think will happen if every person becomes Vegan? What purpose do you thing cattle, chickens, pigs, are really here for? Do you think all farm animals need to live to be old and arthritic on some fancy farm? I don’t advocate cruelty, but I think you are all being a bit silly, if you must know. God put all things on this Earth for our use and well being. Jesus fed the people with loaves of bread and fish. Not tofu and gluten free bread.

    1. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

    2. I’ll never understand why someone who is clearly very against veganism would start an argument on a vegan page. Are you looking for a genuine dialogue or do you just want to fight with people you don’t know.. Because.. pent up aggression?!

    3. Katie Katsikas I merely made my opinions on it known because firstly, Carrie Underwood is being made to be like some criminal because she occasionally eats something other than strictly vegan. This brought to mind my own opinions on it. I love animals, more than you might know, but I still think farm animals were put here for our consumption.

    4. I often wonder what possesses an omnivore to comment on a vegan post. Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the post. You aren’t trying to add to the conversation from a non-vegan perspective, your sole intent seems to to to inflame. But why? Do you honestly believe that you will change someone’s mind? Do you really think that your comment is going to make someone who has committed to living their life as cruelty free as possible to suddenly decide that it’s okay to torture/abuse/kill animals? If you do then you are truly delusional. More likely, you are either a hateful, spiteful person or you feel very guilty about the cruelty you perpetuate and are lashing out as a result. Either way, it’s quite pathetic and useless. And for the record, your religious argument for eating meat only works if you actually believe the bible. And even then, it is hypocritical unless you follow every single word of the bible as gospel, including not eating seafood or pork, not going to church within 33 days of giving birth to a boy, not getting a tattoo, you have never lied… I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. So believe whatever you want as that is your right. But perhaps you could be respectful of others’ rights too.

  41. What does it matter what she claims to be…plant based or vegan who cares as long as in the end animals are being saved and with her being a celebrity if she inspires others to do the same I could care less what label she uses.

  42. She just says she wants to be vegan in that quote. I don’t think it’s bad to want to be vegan. Most people really don’t understand. I’ve been vegetarian for 22 years and when I tell people that, most times they ask me if I’m vegan. . .

  43. Honestly.. you’re wrong. And I am vegan all the way.. but you’re wrong. Veganism IS a philosophy, it’s a way of life, for me it’s damn near a religion. If you are vegan, and you make a mistake, and you admit this, and you feel it is wrong, as she clearly has stated.. Can’t tell her that she is not a vegan.
    Honestly, by admitting the occasional fault, she makes the first steps towards veganism much more attainable for an animal lover who may be on the fence, but believes that they “just can’t do it.”
    I wish you were right, but you are not. Love you loads tho.. fellow animal lovers are always friends of mine!!

  44. The only thing I don’t like is that she’s making veganism seem difficult. That might give people the idea that it’s too difficult for them to try. Overall though I think it’s great what she’s doing. Also she really doesn’t say she’s vegan from what I read, just that she really wants to be.

  45. Because she’s an idiot? I love me a plant based diet, but have never proclaimed to be a vegan or a vegetarian. Tom your gf is struggling with the true meaning of what vegan means….

  46. She is striving to be vegan. It is hard when traveling, having a busy schedule and being in different social settings. If I’m ever drinking on a band’s tour bus again, I’m eating the cheese pizza or crusts instead of not eating anything. The more people claiming to vegan is great, you do vegan your own way. Every meal that no animal is harmed for is progress.

  47. Peeps, I’ve only read a few comments and already decided not to continue.You are either vegan or … you’re not. It’s that simple, it’s not a hardship, No matter what your circumstances are. (At this point celebrities et al can get whatever they want on the road!!! so… no excuses.) Eating the cheese pizza or crusts… give me a break. I can only presume there are a fair few obtuse peeps out there … I’ve had busy schedules, dire times, recently serious illness…I still managed to eat vegan. Get with the programme… it’s not rocket science.

  48. Whenever I am out and around new people that don’t know I’m vegan, after finding out they always ask questions like: but do you eat fish? Eggs? Dairy? I never mind answering because people really are usually curious, but it is people like Carrie underwood that also make them ask me these questions. It kind of confuses the issue I think. I do road trips and travel but make it work, it’s about commitment.

  49. I’m not going to get on her case too much but one thing that I wonder about is certain celebs with millions of dollars that say they can’t always be 100% vegan and then here I am with a tiny fraction of their paycheck and I have no problem at all. I just sometimes wonder why I can easily do it and they can’t.

  50. Vegan is a lifestyle.

    Like a religion.
    Lots of different ways to practice Christianity.

    I don’t know a single Christian that follows the Bible completely.

    I call myself vegan.

    But I have a chronic diseases that requires monthly infusions of a hardcore immunosuppressant that uses mouse proteins.

    Do I still advocate for a better way to test and develop medications ?? Absolutely. But currently, it’s the only medication that keeps me alive.

    None of use our perfect.
    I can’t save every life, but I’ll save every life I can.

    1. Hey Rebecky, I get it. I have PsA and have to get infusions and injections…I remember when I found out there was lactose in one of my pills and fought to change meds. Just like Catholicism the elderly or sick are exempt from fasting if it threatens their health.
      As sick as I am, I’ve never been like, “Oh it’s too hard to find something to eat that’s not a dead animal.” …..especially with the financial means that she has. I’m all for spreading the word of veganism or anything that saves the life of an animal. Am I perfect? No, but if I call myself a vegan I don’t eat dead animals and I try to promote veganism in a positive light. I’m still transitioning to using vegan house and personal products but when I learn that something is not vegan or animal tested–I stop using it. I think being vegan is starting to be “cool” which is great bc even if these celebs are not ACTUALLY vegan at least people that idolize them will do a little research and try to imitate them.

  51. The people in the comment section seem a bit confused about what veganism is.

    Vegans don’t eat meat or dairy products. Ever. Seriously, never. Even during a busy day. If you are knowingly consuming animal products, you’re not vegan. Plain and simple. Even if it’s only once a month, or once a year.

    Veganism is a life choice. It’s a serious commitment.

    There’s no ‘in the middle’.

    This is why there’s so much confusion around veganism.

  52. Omg u are a vegan or not. If you feel the need to eat dairy or a dead animal u are not a bloody vegan simple. U can’t just slip into it ffs. It drives me mad all the bloody vegans for fashion, go do one! I would never think oh I’m on holiday so let’s just have a burger we are vegan normally as it’s repulsive to think we are eating flesh or a by product. Arhhhhhhhhh rant over

  53. I don’t care. I love vegans. I love chea-gans, I love vegetarians and Monday night no-meaters. Anyone who cares enough to think is ok in my book and Carrie has a platform to talk about veganism. If getting the word out is bad, then I’m confused on why someone would become vegan in the first place. I am 100% vegan but I’m not in any position to judge other people, especially people who are trying. Vegan does not = vegan police.

  54. Egg white once a year, or four times a year, I would not say makes one “clearly something not vegan”. I’d say it makes one vegan more than 99% of the time. If I go to someone’s house for dinner, they know I won’t eat meat or chicken or pasta with meat sauce. If I might on occasion put milk in coffee when there is no soy or nondairy creamer or might on occasion eat a cookie with egg in it, that doesn’t change the obstacle to them in how far away what I eat is from the ‘standard American’ diet.

  55. i feel like shaming people for eating something once or twice makes people who arnt on this lifestyle and trying to get people to go vegan just makes it seem extreme and unappealing and cult like we live in a non vegan world doing the best you can most of the time is what I wish most people did then not caring at all

  56. I get told that I’m vegan, because I do not eat or use animal products any more, but I say that I can’t actually be classified as one.
    I own a horse, and I do indeed ride her occasionally. My saddle is synthetic as is all my gear. But those who follow a strict vegan regime (nothing wrong with strict rules) would regard this as animal abuse and slavery.
    I am pretty clear about that fact now.
    My carnist friends get so confused.
    I think people just don’t understand what a vegan actually is sometimes.

  57. These discussions, exactly these, are why I rather say I’m plant based than vegan, because of this “full monty – all or nothing – you have to live by the exact definiton or are not elegible to call yourself vegan” attitude causes so many people ( and I’ll use this word and use it on purpose) to be pissed off when they only hear the word vegan.

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