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Sexiest Vegan Celebrities – Famous Vegans We Love

Have you seen these sexy celebrity vegans? Believe me, it was our pleasure to put together this list of the sexiest vegan celebrities we love.

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Why I’m Raising My Child Vegan – Is A Vegan Diet Healthy For Children

People Keep asking why I’m raising my child vegan. There are many reasons and I’m happy to share them with anyone that asks why my child is vegan.

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The Vegan Police – Do We Need These People

The issue of who is vegan enough and who isn’t comes up on our blog and Facebook time a lot. Sometimes it’s justified and sometimes it isn’t. I think it’s important for vegans to

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Vegan Movies And Documentaries On Netflix

15 vegan movies and documentaries on Netflix now. If you like vegan movies or vegan documentaries make sure you check these out.

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5 Weird Things I Do Now That I’m Vegan

It’s amazing what habits you pick up as a vegan. Here are my 5 weirdest. Check them out and then vote to see how many we share? Am I all alone out here?

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What Do Vegans Eat?

This is a mini course on vegan nutrition. Solid nutritional information for new vegans or to help educate your non-vegan friends. Feel free to share.

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