Cheesy Kale with Tahini Sauce

You start out with beautiful kale in the skillet. Organic frozen works best. But if you have some fresh kale from your garden or some nice organic kale right from the produce section it will be great too.

kale in pan

Now this is where this vegan salad recipe gets interesting. Sure, you could leave it plain or go for some boring nuts or seeds. But it’s much more exciting with some vegan cheesy goodness. So you will want to sprinkle a little vegan cheese crumble on it. Oh yeah, now we’re talking.

kale with cheese

And what about dresing? Will it be some horrible dressing from the store? Nope. This salad hits all new levels of awesome when you drizzle on the delicious tahini sauce. So creamy and full of flavor. It really compliments the kale and the vegan cheese crumble.

kale with tahini

Now you have an really healthy and delicious vegan dish. Hats off to Kathy at HHL for this recipe. You can get this recipe for Cheesy Kale with Tahini Sauce  by clicking here!

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