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Why Chickpea Water Became The Star Of Vegan Cooking

Am I the only one who remembers the day when you simple opened a can of chickpeas, drained the water, and threw it away? That would be sacrilegious to do today. I mean, chickpea water is the most miraculous thing since sliced bread.

This murky liquid in that can of chickpeas is not garbage. Far from it. For vegans who love to cook and bake it is like a magical ingredient sent from the vegan gods. There are so many things you can cook with it that were impossible before.

chickpea water cream fluff meringue marshmallow

For reasons we don’t even quite understand yet, chickpea liquid almost exactly mimics egg white. In fact this miracle ingredient was discovered quite by accident by software engineer Goose Wohlt. He accidentally made vegan meringue and changed the vegan world forever.

All you need is some chickpea liquid, some sugar, and a whisk. With those three things you can make delicious fluffy meringue or a decadent chocolate mousse. This really is a miracle vegan cooking ingredient that seems to do the impossible.

Are you ready to start making something amazing with chickpea water? You can learn how to make fluffy meringue by clicking here.

It’s also a great substitute for marshmallow cream in come recipes as well. Learn how to make this magical marshmallow cream fluff by clicking here.

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    1. Yes! Learned about it from one of the recipe blogs, I have not tried making anything with it yet though! Thanks Stace! I think she was making meringue out of it. More proof that plants have everything we need! ????

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