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Chocolate Butternut Vegan Cupcakes

I never met anyone that didn’t like chocolate. My aunt Tess told me that one time when I was about 13. I was helping her make desserts for the church social that Sunday.  I’m pretty sure she was right! I’m think almost everyone loves cupcakes too. If you can make a good chocolate cupcake you can make almost anyone happy. I’m always looking out for a new vegan cupcake recipe I can try. What’s not to love about little personal size cakes, right?

I was browsing online for some new ideas when I ran across a vegan youtube channel by Tasha Edwards

vegan cupcake recipe

I was following along with her every word, and when she brought out the ice cream scoop, I decided I have to try this recipe! You can see her awesome instructional video for these amazing cupcakes on the next page

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