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Chocolate Carrot Zucchini Vegan Brownies

I have tried a lot of vegan brownies over the past few years but this one quickly became a favorite. How many other vegan brownie recipes have a large carrot and two zucchinis in them? They are delicious and you would never guess they had so much veggies in them just by eating them.

The consistency of these vegan brownies is not super heavy and fudgy and not too fluffy either. It’s somewhere in between. They have a very satisfying mousse-fudge hybrid consistency. You get all of the things you love about a chocolate brownie combined with the added health benefits of carrots and zucchini.

chocolate carrot zucchini vegan brownies

The applesauce makes these incredible vegan dessert treats really moist and they stay that way for a few days. And the perfect touch of maple syrup adds some depth to the sweetness in ways that make you want to eat ‘just one more. We have published a lot of vegan brownie over the years but this is one that we come back to and make time and time again.

Chow Vida created this recipe for vegan brownies and took the great pics. You can get this simple and easy vegan recipe on their blog by clicking here.

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