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Coconut Date Balls. 3 ingredients. No Baking!

Healthy Dessert Recipe Coconut Date Balls

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought I would use some of the foods I love most this week and devote the entire day to recipes using them. Today I am thankful for dates! When I first went vegan I drank a lot of smoothies. You need a food and has a lot of calories to fuel you when you drink a lot of smoothies and dates was my best friend! They are small, they taste amazing in any smoothie, and you can also just eat them individually for a quick snack! Now I try to use them in all kinds of vegan dessert recipes. This one is simple, requires no baking and only has 3 ingredients!

I love having low fat desserts that I can just grab and munch on without too much guilt. These little date balls are just perfect for me. They are so rich and full of deep flavor and texture that I always feel like I am indulging when I eat them. And as if that weren’t reason enough to love them, they are so easy to make! If you like easy vegan recipes then you will love this one. Only 3 ingredients, no baking and finished in minutes!

Coconut Date Balls

The only ingredients you will need for this awesome dessert recipe are dates, puffed wheat cereal and shredded coconut. CLICK HERE to learn how to make them in minutes from My Recipes. Photo Manidis Roberts

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