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Complete 5 Course Vegan Thanksgiving Meal Plan

We have been giving vegan Thanksgiving recipes almost every day since the middle of October. Many experienced vegans have no problem dealing with a holiday so focused on food and family. Those who are new to the vegan lifestyle might find it stressful, especially if they are hosting the holiday meal at their home.

In this article I am borrowing an amazing vegan meal plan from ChooseVeg. Their site is always a great resource for everything and the holidays is certainly no exception! Those guys put together one of the most amazing vegan Thanksgiving day meal plans I have ever seen.

Vegan Thanksgiving Meal Plan

How can you resist roasted brussel sprouts, fluffy mashed potatoes, chickpea cutlets with savory mushroom gravy, and cornbread stuffing with a twist. It includes pears and pecans to spice things up. And of course no complete Thanksgiving meal would be authentic without an amazing pumpkin pie recipe. This complete vegan holiday meal plan from Isa Chandra Moskowitz & The PPK at Chooseveg is just perfect!

As if that weren’t enough they also throw in a few ideas of things you can buy from the grocery store to make things simpler in case you don’t want to do all the heavy lifting in the kitchen. To get the recipes for every single dish we listed above, all on one page, CLICK HERE!

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