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Vegan Crispy Zucchini Chips

You are going to LOVE these Vegan Crispy Zucchini Chips. Nearly everything that has chip in the name is good. Tortilla chips, potato chips, pita chips, kale chips, and even Zucchini Chips! My sister cooked these for me last weekend while we were hanging out watching “House of Cards” on Netflix. (I LOVE THAT SHOW!)

At first I thought I was just eating home made vegan potato chips that looked a little funny. But I asked and she told me they were indeed zucchini chips. I’m a huge fan of kale chips but I am just too lazy to make them most of the time.I like my vegan recipes to be simple.

zucchini chips 2

I’m thinking I will start making time to make this recipe occasionally. When I tell you I was surprised how good they were I am being serious. This is vegan food you will love. It’s funny how the more effort you put into things the more you get out of life. That’s a free life lesson for you at no charge.

I have to credit my sister for finding this recipe on The Smart Cookie Blog. And of course give them props for posting it. This seems like too easy of a vegan recipe to be amazing. But part of it’s awesomeness is how easy it is to make. And the taste of course. Crunch away all your little vegan heart desires!

Time to stop talking and start cooking and eating. To get this super easy recipe from the Smart Cookie Blog, Click Here!

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