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Easy Vegan Empanadas

What are vegan empanadas? Empanadas are basically pie crust that you fill with your favorite foods. Beef Empanadas are very popular among omnivores. This recipe for easy vegan “beef” empanadas is simple, delicious and suitable for everyone including vegans and vegetarians.

This recipe aims to duplicate the flavor of traditional beef empanadas but without any death or cruelty to our animal friends. That’s no small task but we think this easy vegan recipe pulls it off brilliantly. The main thing is to keep the delicious flavors and seasoning in tact and keep it vegan. And these empanadas are full of flavor. In my world the perfect vegan diet would be Mexican food every day.

vegan beef empanadas

Filled with olives, onions, garlic, cilantro, annatto and more, your taste buds will delight in the rich exciting flavors. You will not get a boring vegan recipe here. These beauties burst with flavor and a nice texture as well. I won’t reveal the secret ingredient for the hearty meaty texture. Its not what you’d expect in a vegan food and works perfectly. You can get that on the original source below.

The Vegetarian food lab created this vegan Mexican recipe and provided all of the awesome pics. You can get this recipe for vegan “beef” empanadas by clicking here.

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